Nigerian Lesbians On The Run!

Aunty Maiduguri has mad skills. The forty-five year-old Nigerian lesbian managed to snag and marry four – four! – lovely ladies. Two thousand guests gathered earlier this week to participate in the two-day festivities, but things turned ugly when neighbors tipped off the police.

Nigeria’s national law forbids homosexuality – politicians have been mulling a comprehensive, equally controversial law outlawing anything remotely queer, including befriending a fag. In addition to the secular prohibitions, Maiduguri’s state – Kano – enforces Sharia law, putting her in double legal trouble.

Deputy commander of the Islamic police, Rabo Abdulkarim told reporters:

As defenders of Sharia law, we shall not allow this unhealthy development to take place. We are investigating the matter with a view to find the culprits and punish them.

Maiduguri and her brides better run, because something tells us a honeymoon in prison isn’t very romantic.

Nigerian lesbian eludes arrest after wedding 4 women