Nigerian Men Turned In By Gay Lover, Stripped Naked And Beaten

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 10.24.29 AMWhat could possibly be worse than the heartbreaking antigay laws in place in Nigeria?

Gay Nigerians turning each other in to authorities.

A gay man from Lagos has reportedly turned in five other men after they refused to be blackmailed.

He had joined some local gay men in Ekurede Urhobo for a sex party, and afterwards told them to pay up or else be reported.

They didn’t pay, and he kept his word and went straight to the authorities. The men were apprehended, publicly stripped naked and beaten after being paraded through town by an angry mob. After they were unable to pay a fine to police, they were arrested.

Desperation will lead people to extremes, and since Nigeria also made it a crime not to report on known gays in January of this year, the potential for blackmail has sky rocketed. And this isn’t an isolated incident – there has been a notable increase in bribes and arrests.

But news of extortion within the gay community is especially upsetting given the harsh punishments built into the laws.

H/t: GayStar News