Nigerian Men Turned In By Gay Lover, Stripped Naked And Beaten

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 10.24.29 AMWhat could possibly be worse than the heartbreaking antigay laws in place in Nigeria?

Gay Nigerians turning each other in to authorities.

A gay man from Lagos has reportedly turned in five other men after they refused to be blackmailed.

He had joined some local gay men in Ekurede Urhobo for a sex party, and afterwards told them to pay up or else be reported.

They didn’t pay, and he kept his word and went straight to the authorities. The men were apprehended, publicly stripped naked and beaten after being paraded through town by an angry mob. After they were unable to pay a fine to police, they were arrested.

Desperation will lead people to extremes, and since Nigeria also made it a crime not to report on known gays in January of this year, the potential for blackmail has sky rocketed. And this isn’t an isolated incident – there has been a notable increase in bribes and arrests.

But news of extortion within the gay community is especially upsetting given the harsh punishments built into the laws.

H/t: GayStar News

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  • Billy Budd

    I was going to say that they live in the middle ages, but actually they live in the age of caves. They are primitive. Extremely primitive.

    This is not what civilization is about.

    P.S. Don’t call me a racis*. I had a boyfriend who was black and many many one night lovers who were black too. I live in a city where 78% of the people have some african heritage in them.

  • melewis

    What happens to the people that turn them in? Aren’t they also being beaten?

  • rextrek

    may the next asteroid that somehow makes it threw earth’s atmosphere- his Nigeria/Uganda

  • Billy Budd

    These African nations are extremely, extremely poor and depend on the UN and on the developed nations. Therefore, in theory they can be blackmailed into becoming civilized. It is a political decision.

  • Billy Budd

    The arabs, on the other hand, are swimming in money (the states, not the people) and will not welcome civilization so soon. Maybe when they run out of oil (their only resource), they will come begging for help and review their policies, separating state from religion.

  • Daniel-Reader

    The LGBTA community should discuss whether the LGBTA community will continue to uphold the other treaties since certain regions do not uphold the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. So the question is ultimately – does the LGBTA community preserve regions that commit genocide against LGBTA people? If so, why?

  • hamoboy

    @Billy Budd, what about the Russians and Eastern Europeans? What’s your opinion about them, or do you only enjoy chastising homophobes when they’re non-white?

    Also, this was standard practice in the USA just a few decades ago in many rural places, I don’t know what you’re on about with caves and or middle ages.

    @Daniel-Reader, The LGBTA community in any state is a minority community, so unless there is an explicitly pro-LGBTA country with an overwhelmingly demographicly LGBTA population, there is no chance of talking about upholding treaties.

  • Billy Budd


    I abhor Russian conservatives and the Russian government. I don’t care if a person is black, white or blue. If they are prejudiced against other humans, I will chastise them.

    I abhor and hate Nazis, who were very much white. Many high-ranking nazis were gay (Ernst Rohmm, Hitler´s best buddy is the best example), but they adopted anti-gay policies. They hated effeminate gays and tolerated macho gays. They were evil and I hate them.

  • Billy Budd


    In my opinion, USA is STILL in the middle ages when you consider the laws against crimes. The death penalty is a medieval thing; it is based on revenge, and revenge is not a moral thing for a state to promote. In the US, little kids are condemned to 20 years in jail. But little kids cannot be held responsible for what they do. They should just be re-educated.

  • money718

    @Billy Budd: Please stay on topic…geez.

  • Billy Budd

    @money718: I usually stay on topic. But homoboy made me a direct question and I had to answer.

  • Daniel-Reader

    @hamoboy: you need to learn about treaties. You obviously do not understand.

  • colin4

    first that behaviour is so primitive where s the humanity!!!???
    n really is that what gay people can fall down to!terrorising othr gay people?
    I never thought gay people would ever do something like that
    as for the government really how more hate do u got for us people huh
    first russia n then india n whole East!! its like now that day won’t be so far when gay people will get killed on roads n cops will just stand on one side n see it happen

  • colin4

    n I m really curious what happens once they do get punished or arrested?once they bail out?what then?won’t they again get treated like that cuz its not sth that they can change can they?

  • Billy Budd

    @colin4: In England, they used to either lock gays in jail or offer a treatment with hormones. Men developed breasts. The WWII national hero, famous mathematician and inventor of the computer, Alan Turing, killed himself because of the treatment and the shame imposed on him.

  • domna

    this is awful obviously, but i hate how americans fixate on the problems in other countries, meanwhile we live comfortably in an imperialist war machine that has tortured, slaughtered, and made homeless literally millions of people and that was built on the genocide and displacement of africans and native americans.

    african countries were first colonized, christianized, and terrorized by western nations and now they remain in debt to the very countries that should actually be paying them reparations, yet we call them savage every time we hear of the atrocities committed in those countries. the sheer hypocrisy makes me feel like my head is going to explode.

  • NG22

    @Billy Budd: Dude, you’re right about Uganda. It’s a very poor country whose government does rely a great deal on international aid. That’s why the Obama administration in my medieval country has tried to stop Uganda from legalizing their new anti-gay law for years now. It used to work, but there was so much domestic popularity among Ugandans, they went ahead with it anyway, but stripped out the death penalty. Right now, the US Dept of State and its Secretary, John Kerry, is sending scientists to Uganda to try to educate that country’s leaders on the subject of homosexuality. Of course it won’t work, but I’m proud that the government is trying.

    Even though Nigeria has many poor people, it is a rather wealthy sub-Saharan African nation. They have tremendous amounts of oil, and the country is a member of OPEC. As they use their energy resources to fund much of the government and military’s operations, there is no leverage short of economic sanctions that the West has over Nigeria. And as we can see with the stand-off with Russia, energy is very serious business. No one, especially the Europeans, wants there to be a diminished supply of oil in the global marketplace, thereby skyrocketing prices and disrupting economies.

    Nonetheless, the US State Dept usually stands at the forefront of these issues in diplomatic circles, and haggles with these governments to reverse course. I’m proud of my country, and couldn’t be happier to live right in the center of it–New York City. ;-) JK Kansas residents.

  • colin4

    yeah i ‘ve heard of Alan n what u said about treatment?Is it just in UK or everywhere else too? do they do like in all countries?what happens in East n Russia n I’ve heard recently about India?what happens there?

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