Nigeria’s Homophobia To Bite Back?

If Nigeria can’t play fair, they may not be able to play at all. The African nation, which has been mulling comprehensive homophobic laws, has applied to host The Commonwealth, also known as the Olympics for Britain and their 52-former colonies.

Glasgow, Scotland and Abuja, Nigeria lead the hosting competition, but some claim Nigeria’s unjust laws violate the Games’ philosophy. The Guardian‘s sportsman, Nicky Campbell, writes

I might best explain by adducing Article 2 of the Commonwealth Games Federation constitution, which earnestly promotes “gender equality and tolerance”; or Article 7, which says “there shall be no discrimination against any country or person on any grounds whatsoever including race, colour, gender, religion or politics”. That is clear enough, then, and that is Abuja scuppered, then.

One would hope so…

CGF’s chief executive, Mike Hooper, says that organizers have yet to make a decision on the matter. Gay activist Ben Summerskill, however, insists Nigeria’s anti-gay ways undercut the games:

The games is meant to be a celebration of high ideals as well as sportsmanship. To invite people to a country where they are liable to be imprisoned seems inimical to any claim they’re keen to engage them in competitive sport.

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