Nightwing’s iconic bubble butt has been officially flattened and folks aren’t taking it

DC Comics character Nightwing stands in front of a cityscape with his back turned, large butt on full spandex-clad display

First looks at Nightwing the upcoming Batman game Gotham Knights left some fan unable to believe their eyes.

After speculation from the initial gameplay, new promo materials have confirmed the DC audience’s worst fears: Nightwing has fallen prey to a significant booty reduction.

The hero’s backside grew to prominence in late 2019 with Nicola Scott’s legacy art print for Dick Grayson putting the best of him front-and-center:

However, his junk-in-the-trunk legacy began long before — the booty’s size matches the magnitude of its long, illustrious history.

Harley Quinn‘s Harvey Guillén even joked about being typecast as the thicc crime-fighter solely for his assets (to be fair, they’re absolutely comparable).

Fans even drew the actor in his voice role, with appropriate focus:


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“I’m not ashamed of my body,” Guillén told Out. “So when people try to say, ‘That’s just typecasting,’ y’know what? I’ll take it. Show off your best assets.”

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So imagine bat-fans’ surprise at scanning the Gotham Knights promo material to find that his storied stack reduced to a nonexistent lower back.

After a very warranted hub-bub — and apparently some direct messages to the devs — the gamemakers officially stated that they accepted his new flat booty as it is.

In a Q&A on the game’s official discord, game director Geoff Ellenor unfortunately stated, “We are currently comfortable with the size of Nightwing’s posterior.”

That said, he did add that they “can’t promise that we won’t revisit this issue again someday.”

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It may be in their best interest to cake the model up just a bit before release.

After all, fans have scorned projects over neglecting these important details in the past; when the Titans series first debuted on the CW, some folks couldn’t accept Brenton Thwaites in the role, as they felt he didn’t have the necessary gluteal qualifications.

Fans can only hope that this game is a non-canon one-off and that the flagship butt they know and love lives on in the DC universe.