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Nikki Blonsky belts out ‘Hairspray’ classics for PrEP awareness in hilarious Cameo

Even after going to all the trouble to get it, it can be so difficult to remember to take your PrEP. Thankfully, Hairspray alum and resident camp icon Nikki Blonsky is here to help you stay on top of things (so you can stay on top of things).

Blonsky fulfilled her duty as the queen of Cameo this week, recording a message from TikTok user @davidjosephl to remind his friend to take his PrEP.

In her style, she threw in a few fun Hairspray references for good measure. It’s called branding!

She did that:

@davidjosephli asked nikki blonsky to make a cameo for my friend reminding him to take his prep♬ original sound – DAVID

Brb, setting this as our morning alarm.

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Not only is she using her platform to bring attention to gay sexual health, but she’s doing so in style.

Her surefire method to help him keep his meds in mind is simple, but effective.

“Every morning when you wake up, sing ‘Good Morning Baltimore!’,” she sings, “and maybe that will put you in the mood for your PrEP.” There’s no indication that the message recipient lives in Baltimore, but she’s committed to the bit.

She offers an alternative memory method for a second, but it just turns into her singing “Welcome to the ’60s”.

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The actress has been a Cameo mainstay for years, ever since she started sending out her now-iconic repetitious “It’s Nikki Blonsky from the movie Hairspray” messages. What was originally regarded as kind of a gay in-joke became a full-on celebration when she came out in 2020.

She’s opened Rupaul’s DragCon LA, she’s announced her engagement to her adorable nonbinary partner, and now PrEP advocacy messages? The gay Nikki Blonsky agenda is full steam ahead.

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