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Nikki Haley’s attempt to attack Biden backfires spectacularly and people “can’t get over the stupidity”

Former Gov. Nikki Haley graduated with an accounting degree from Clemson University, but she may want to take a few refresher courses if she ever hopes to balance any books.

The Republican politician was attempting to slam President Biden over inflation, an issue facing economies around the world. It didn’t go so well.

Haley posted a list of grocery items commonly found at 4th of July barbecues, like watermelon, hotdogs, bread, soda, condiments and ice cream.

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Titled “Joe Biden‘s Inconvenience Store” and posted with the hashtag #Bidenflation, the list featured the percentages each item has gone up in price due to inflation. Then those percentages were added up, claiming American families are paying 67% more for the groceries.

Except… that’s not how math works.

For example, if you found a cute pair of sunglasses for 20% off and a hat for 15% off, you did not, in fact, save 35% off the total price.

Haley has since deleted the tweet (definitely the right move), but not before screenshots started making the rounds on social media.

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