Nina Simone in ‘Fader’

Nina Simone Carnegie Hall

This month’s Fader magazine has a tribute to Nina Simone featuring some rare candid photos of the singer hanging out with friends and playing music. The photos are gorgeous, and give us a peek from a different angle at her complicated and passionate inner life.

The tribute also includes commentary from her contemporaries:

Dick Gregory, the stand-up comedian and social activist, marched with Nina many times during the civil rights era of the 1960s: “She wasn’t that visible because she came didn’t come down to sing, she came down to march. I think her nervous breakdown was probably caused by being on the frontline and seeing what actually happened to black folks.”

For all of you who have been moved by Ms. Simone’s singing over the years, this helps a bit to explain her magic. See the rest of the photos and some more commentary over at Rod 2.0.

Nina Simone in “Fader” [Rod 2.0]