9 Of The Hottest Ways We Looked Forward To The New Year

Does anybody actually hang wall calendars anymore?

Between phones, tablets, laptops and Google, all of our time-keeping needs are pretty much filled digitally.

Well, all but one — the time-honored tradition of staring at a rotating gorgeous man each month.

Gather ’round kids, here are our favorite 2016 calendars released this year:

1. Men With No Clothes Read Books In Nerdy New 2016 Calendar


The calendar features gay and bisexual male models, completely naked, and reading some of their favorites books by queer writers, including Richard Blanco, James Baldwin, Rigoberto González, and Lysley Tenorio.

2. Alex Minsky Strips Down For A Brighter Future In 2016


If there is a better way to kick off the ever-closer new year than with these stunning photos of tattooed veteran-turned-insanely good-looking model Alex Minsky, we’d love to hear about it.

3. Steamy “Orthodox Priests” Disrobe (And Then Some) In Hottest Calendar We’ve Seen Yet


Makers of the annual Orthodox priest calendar are upping the ante for 2016, releasing some of the raciest and most risqué images in the calendar’s four-year history.

The hunky Italian models posing as Orthodox priests have provided the calendar with global attention since 2012, so this year, calendar organizers are putting the priests in extra-frisky scenarios and using the appeal to push a very strong message against hate.

4. Nashville Grizzlies Hit The Locker Room For The Latest Hot Rugby Calendar


Last year’s calendar featured the boys rolling around in the mud. This year, they’re freshening up in the locker room.

5. They’re Back! Warwick Rowers Return To Make 2016 A Very Naked Year


The Warwick Rowers have returned to give us a summer sweat and make us look forward to all that 2016 has to offer.

The famously nude Brits released some advance shots and a promo video for their upcoming calendar tease, and its filled with more hot pale cakes than we know what to do with.

6. Behind The Scenes And Into The Showers Of France’s Hottest Firefighters


We don’t often find ourselves saying this, but thank goodness for the passage of time.

Sure, it means we’re all getting older by the minute, but on the upside, each year we get a new crop of insanely hot calendars to cover.

OK, maybe it’s not always a win/win, but in the case of photographer Fred Goudon’s new all-access 2016 French firefighter behind-the-scenes time tracker, we’ll be watching the months fly by with a smile.

7. Keep Your Prostate Healthy (And Happy!) With These Hunks From London


The good folks over at Flash Avenue Studio have joined forces with The Prostate Project.org.uk to raise awareness about prostate health while simultaneously decorating your walls with some of London’s hottest hunks.

8. These Soaked Studs Make Bath Time So Much Fun


Here’s our first look forward at marking your therapy appointments with Project Soaked — 14 gorgeous half-dressed men getting soaked to also raise money for prostate cancer research.

9. Britney Spears’ Lead Dancer Willie Gomez Bares All, And You’ll Want A Piece Of Him


Gomez, in addition to making the perfect foreground to any and all landscape photography, is currently the principle back-up dancer for Britney Spears in her Vegas show Piece of Me. We wouldn’t mind a piece of our own.