Nixon On Lesbian Action

Homo-journo John Polly had his gay dreams come true last week when he interviewed the gals from Sex and The City. In addition to chronicling the lady’s apparel, delving into why gays loved the long-running show and getting some scoops on the upcoming movie, Polly got actress Cynthia Nixon to open up about her lesbian love:

It’s funny, when I announced and said, “Yes I’m dating a woman,” it freaked people out a lot. I think people have a hard time separating us from our characters. So people were like, “Miranda is GAY!???” And there were all these crazy things I would read in the paper, like “…but Miranda kissed a girl and she didn’t like it. And Samantha’ s had a lesbian lover, shouldn’t she be the one?”

And another freaky thing was because our characters are seen as so iconic, it was also viewed as maybe like, “Hmmm, is this is a trend?” Like, maybe this is what happens to these women, who are out there and date a lot of men. Eventually they start dating women, that what happens. This is where Sex and the City takes you! Miranda dated too many men and, well, whatta you know?

Actually, we’ve dated so many useless men that lesbianism has seemed appealing.