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  • galefan2004

    Of course, during this time the Presbyterian church was still backing the KKK and the whole country thought that once blacks were allowed to marry whites the very foundation of marriage would be eroded.

  • Fitz

    Did anyone think he was anything more than this?

  • edgyguy1426

    so much for the gay agenda. It must be a slow news day.

  • galefan2004

    @edgyguy1426: This directly relates to the gay agenda because it shows that the same arguments the right uses against gays are tired and old and have been used against every single minority that had its rights deprived. Nixon might as well as said, “In the cases that its a pregnant lesbian abortion is acceptable.” Its the same concept.

  • Dabq

    @edgyguy1426: I agree, why is this on this site, especially in light of the fact that the editors and the majority of readers would agree with good old tricky.

  • Teh Fail

    @edgyguy1426 This actually is relevent to the “Gay agenda.” (How I hate that term) It directly parallels a political comic I say. It was two framed. The first one showed a guy holding a “No to Interracial marriage” sign and saying “It will erode the foundation of marriage.” The second frame showed a guy holding a “No to Gay MArriage” sign and pointing over his shoulder to the first frame, saying “YEa, what he said.”

    I think I saw that comic on this site, actually.

  • Captain Freedom (HRC doesn't speak for me)

    Somewhere in Virginia, Pat Buchanan is reading that and thinking “ah how much I miss the good ol’ days.”

  • strumpetwindsock


    I think he’s more than that, actually.
    I would never have voted for the man, but I do give him credit for his accomplishments, including becoming president during one of the most difficult times in the century.
    He certainly deserved his fate, but that doesn’t make his undoing by his own paranoia any less tragic.


  • Dale

    Well times were much different back then. A lot of people felt the same way, so that’s no big deal to me.

    For the record Nixon stated that an abortion is strictly the choice of the woman involved and was no one else’s business.

  • GSH

    It IS very relevant. If Nixon had his way, Obama would have been aborted and this blog would have nothing to bitch and moan about.

  • Jaroslaw

    My first thought is “are we having a slow news day?” This type of thing is not news; like it or not, life changes. Lest we forget, the great savior of freedom & democracy, the good ole USA didn’t give women the right to vote until 1920, long after some other places. Of course, Nixon’s view is deplorable today, but rather than get worked up about stuff like this, why don’t we work on getting everyone health care, stopping wars, genital mutilation in third world countries……. there’s TONS of stuff right in the USA to work on. Stuff like this is a waste of time.

  • rick

    julie and tricia were always getting raped by blacks and having to get rid of the mixed race babies.

    did you know pat chain smoked? and yet there are no photos of her smoking.

  • strumpetwindsock

    Yeah, then there’s FDR and that wheelchair…. and Hoover and the aliens

  • Ted C.

    Am I the only person here who’s going to say that they’re shocked and horrified by this? Because I am.

    How does a reprehensible man like that become leader of the free world? I am aghast.

  • strumpetwindsock

    @Ted C.:

    I’m not.
    It’s not like his attitudes are that much worse than most of the rest of them (or a lot of us).
    And his racist attitudes notwithstanding, he actually was the president who made great headway in ending segregation.

    Can’t believe I’m actually defending Nixon, but try standing him up next to George W, or even his dad and he looks like a giant.

  • more ale in my tea AKA morality (fkd up & disgusting)

    yeah, and during the “spanish” inquisition…they would put red hot metal objects into the assholes of men caught performing sodomy…so it goes without saying that we GROW as we move in time. Not shocking that nixon perez hilton thought that.

  • bobito

    @GSH: The day we have nothing to bitch and moan about here MIGHT arrive on the day members of the GLBT community are accorded full rights as equal citizens under the law. I doubt that Obama not having been born would bring us any closer to the arrival of that day. So we’d just be bitching and moaning about whoever was in office not doing enough (anything?) to help us achieve our goal.

    So until we are all equal citizens, we’re gonna bitch and moan – it’s one of the few things that people who are legally disenfranchised are still allowed to do.

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