NJ Boy Wants To Ask Justin Bieber To His Junior Prom—Just As A Friend, Natch

It’s fashionable for people to utilize YouTube to ask celebrities to formal dances—servicemembers recently landed dates with Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis that way. Now 16-year-old New Jersey student Leon Purvis is taking to the Web to ask Justin Bieber to his junior prom next year.Don’t mistake it for some gay thing, though. As Purvis clearly states, its’ just a bromance thing. “Justin Bieber, would you like to come to my prom with me? But not as a date—just as a friend, as a brother,” he asks in the clip above.

“The idea came to me when I was at pre-prom last year to see my sister off, and I was talking to a kid that was going,” Purvis, who attends Glassboro High School, tells the Glousester County Times. “At the time I was thinking about what girl I wanted to ask, and he said, ‘Who are you going to ask? Justin Bieber?’ I thought it was a good idea because I admire him and all he’s accomplished for being so young. I’ve been a fan ever since his YouTube days.”

The hope is the video will become a trending topic on Twitter—if enough users tweet #GuyAsksJustinBieberToPromOnYouTube on Trending Day, December 27, it could garner enough attention to reach Bieber or his people.

Purvis’ family, teachers and classmates all seem quite supportive of his endeavor. Even if Purvis doesn’t identify as gay, its refreshing to see a community go ballistic when a kid wants to take someone of the same sex to prom.

We think Bieber should totally do it—at least he won’t be accused of getting anyone pregnant, right?


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  • bagooka

    I wonder if Bieber will accept.

  • Continuum

    What is wrong with young gay people today?

    Ask Justin Bieber to the prom??????

    Now, maybe Matt Battaglia . . . .

  • Aiden

    He is way too cute to be asking Justin to the prom.

  • MEJ

    Justin Bieber, would you let me give you a handjob after prom? But not as a date—just as a friend, as a brother.

  • gino

    who is justin beiber?

  • robert



  • Ian

    @MEJ: Yeah, my bullshit meter is off the scales with this annoying kid. But then again, I’m not gay. I just like to sleep with men. You know… as friends. Kinda like brothers.

  • Bob

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…..I’m not gay….no way…I just want to date Justin Bieber…..I’m not gay….no way…LMAO…..

  • Ian

    BTW, this kid will likely end up one of those “internet sensations” and go on to win some Idol-like b.s., then get a record deal or t.v. spot. Ahh… the American dream is alive.

  • bagooka

    Justin, I have something to tell you. You only come in my errors. I want you to come in my anus. Just as friends, though. Okay, brother?

  • Kim

    “We can Jerk together”. Is that a dance? Smile The girl he wants will go w/ him mark my words.

  • What?

    @Ian: “Annoying kid” What did he do to you and why are you mad at a child you do not know?

    I don’t think he’s forcing you to watch.

  • Yarendel

    Interesting! Wow!What if I can invite a singer to my birthday and celebrate. It is a good idea. But,the reality how much does it cost to sing in the birthday celebration at my home. Anyway. I guess it might cost like 1,000 dollars. He is a very intelligent guy.

  • DJ Veno

    That was very sweet, yet not believable.. I hope he does accept the invitation tho.

  • mattsy

    is he retarded or is that how he talks?

  • Ogre Magi

    That boy is a gay homosexual

  • Enemencio Casimiro Buendía Godines

    @What?: A child? He’s a high school junior. Probably 17. Call him a young man, a teenager, a young adult, but not a child. (I myself would simply call him a grown-ass man.)

  • Sed

    Why is this a story? Plenty of people on youtube ask celebrities out all the time. Cute kid though. Maybe Justin will accept.

  • Sed

    A young man in a Hollister shirt asks Justin Bieber out on a date. Yeah, I don’t think he’s straight.

  • drenaupeepee

    i heard beiber is really a chick

  • Nemo

    Bieber won’t do it, remember when he did the rolling stones article and said to be pro-choice and anti-gay marriage

  • MoJo

    Lil dude IS gay. And obviously Drunk!

  • Ian

    @What?: 1. I’m not mad at him. 2. I find him (his behavior) annoying. 3. I wasn’t aware that one needs to be “forced to watch” something in order to form an opinion.

  • George412

    Maybe the girl is going to say “no” when you ask her to the prom because you are posting a video asking Justin out on youtube. What girl would go out with a guy who is more interested in taking the time to ask Bieber out?

    He says the word jerk a bit too much not to be gay.

  • John K.

    I went to Glassboro High School :) I saw this a while back when he first posted it but I didn’t know until this week that he was from my town! Kinda surreal to be reading Glassboro on here.

  • Kyle

    He’s closeted. You can tell.He’ll be openly gay by 2014. You heard it here first.

  • Kyle

    Any guy who wears Abercrombie or Hollister is suspect. Especially guys in their 40s.

  • scribe31

    @Kim: yeah I picked up on that too… can we jerk together?… I am going to give the guy a pass and say it is a dance that I am too old to know about. Anyway the kid is sort of cute, and will grow into a hot guy one day. I just hope whether he is gay or not that he doesn’t get bullied for this. The kid has big balls to do this.

  • MKe

    You can say never. This is a boy fan not a girl fan. Despite the fact that male pop stars have tons of boy fans as well, they aren’t to be spoken of.

  • Interesting

    isn’t he a little old to be a Justin Bieber fan?


    @MoJo: Watch his other videos. He’s drunk ALL the time.

  • ewe

    Justin Bieber did not say never say never. ROMEO VOID SAID NEVER SAY NEVER.
    Don’t you lipsynching copycatting brats think differently for a second.

  • Derek Williams

    How amazing! I really hope JB accepts this boy’s invitation!

  • gus

    maybe if Justin bottomed he could hit more that one octave.just sayin

  • hudson

    @gus: OMFG you make me laugh out loud. He seem a good kid though (JB). Who knows, maybe he’ll accept. Remember how cool Enrique E was when a male fan got onstage as EE was singing that song about being a hero?

  • S

    …wait… did he just say “we could jerk together?”


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