NJ Bridal Shop Doesn’t Want To Sell Dress To Uppity, Dramatic Lesbians

Bride-to-be Alix Genter (pictured) went into a New Jersery bridal shop called Here Comes the Bride to buy a wedding gown for her coming marriage to her lesbian partner. But when the store’s owner Donna saw that Genter had crossed out “groom” and written “partner” on the business form, Donna called Genter, refused her money and said, “There’s right and there’s wrong, and this is wrong.”

When a reported called the shop, Donna confirmed Genter’s version of events and added that Genter was just “stirring up drama” from a need “to show that she’s different,” adding “they get that way.” By they she meant women who “experiment” with lesbianism because “men can be difficult.” Uh-huh.

People have started bringing down the rating and leaving great admonitions on the shop’s Yelp page.

Genter still plans to marry in New York and then register for a civil union in New Jersey.