NJ Gays Want Newark Mayor Cory Booker To Run For Governor

With gays in the Garden State still sore at Chris Christie for vetoing a marriage-equality bill in February, the call has gone out for Newark Mayor Cory Booker, a strong ally to the LGBT community, to run for governor of New Jersey.

Since taking office in 2006, Booker has formed a commission on LGBT youth, raised the rainbow flag over City Hall, and declined to officiate at any wedding until same-sex marriage is legal in the state. In his address at the Democratic National Convention this summer, Booker stated the issue of same-sex marriage in New jersey was a question of when, not if, and remarked that he “might even have a very good seat when it gets done.”

Will that seat be in the governor’s mansion? Booker isn’t spilling any T, but on Sunday he tweeted,  “No matter what I choose, NJ will have Marriage Equality.”

On a somewhat unrelated note, couldn’t you just get lost for days in this man’s eyes?