NJ Gov Christie Says He’ll Veto Gay-Marriage Bill, Wants To Let Voters Decide

New Jersey’s Republican governor Chris Christie clarified his position on the state’s new gay-marriage bill today, stating that if it gets to his desk he will indeed veto it.  This came just hours before the bill was approved in a Senate committee 8-4 and sent to the full Senate for a vote next week.

While discussing the issue in Bridgewater, NJ, Christie urged lawmakers to put the marriage issue to voters in November. “Let’s put the question of same-sex marriage on the ballot,” Christie said. “It shouldn’t be decided by 121 people in Trenton.”

That way no one suffers any political backlash. Right, Mr. Christie?

If marriage equality does go to a public vote, though, it might have a good chance of winning. According to a Quinnipiac Poll out last week, a majority (52%) of New Jersey residents support marriage equality. Of course, polling numbers and voting numbers often vary wildly when it comes to the touchy subject of same-sex marriage, as witnessed in California’s Prop 8 disaster. So gays in the Garden State might remain in legislative limbo for some time to come.

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