Admits "Homophobic" Moment

NJ School Apologizes For Gay Edit

Andre Jackson finally got what he wanted: a personal apology from East Side High School Superintendent Marion Bolden.

18-year old Jackson first caught our attention after Bolden and her cronies censored his yearbook page because of this “illicit” picture. Straight couples, meanwhile, remained immune.

As national outcry rose, officials released an apologetic statement. In this statement, they clarified their position, saying they censored Jackson because of “misinformation that Mr. Jackson was not one of our students”. Obvious bullshit, of course, and Jackson refused to accept their regrets.

With no other choice – and perhaps a bit of actual regret – Bolden crumbled and apologized personally to Jackson. And, according to Bolden, he accepted,

He said he felt a lot better. He said he’s had more issues around his coming out from outside school than in school, so it was particularly hard for him.

Bolden also admitted the school’s true motives,

We have to own up to the fact that it was a homophobic moment. That’s what everybody’s afraid to say. There are sensitivity issues we need to talk about as a result of this.

Well done, Bolden. Nice to know you can own up to the fact that you fell to homophobia. Hopefully you – and the school – have learned a valuable lesson.