NJ Teacher Who Called Gays “Perverted” Wants To Retire Instead of Face The Music

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This is a first for us—a repeat offender!

Union, NJ, teacher Viki Knox made Douche of the Week last October when she posted a 36-page homophobic screed claiming homosexuality was “a perverted spirit.” Now Knox wants to retire on a disability pension rather than face possible punishment.

Knox, a special-needs educator with the district since 2000, was incensed that her school had created a bulletin board in honor of LGBT History Month and proposed a GSA. So she took to the Web and crafted a rant that, among other things, likened being gay to having cancer:

Homosexuality is a perverted spirit that has existed from the beginning of creation… I have friends and loved ones who are practicing/living as homosexuals. Yes I love can care about them. We hug and exchange gifts. We have family dinners. But how they live and their actions, behaviors -CHOICES are against the nature and character of God! Do I tell me so? Yes, of course. Do I treat them bad? If course not! Jesus never did that to ANYONE he meant… I do not pretend to know ALL things. Nor do I pretend not to have biases, failings and faults. But I know sin and it breeds like cancer!

She also suggested teen girls lose their virginity to “professionals” rather than some fumbling adolescent:

As a 15 yr old girl, how many positive fulfilling sexual encounters has she had with a man to know or THINK she wants to only have sex with another female. Most of her experiences would have been with some male trying to practice his techniques and control on her. I haven’t run across any teenagers/young adults fortunate enough to be introduced to sexual relations by professionals: gigolo and escorts

The sword of justice moves slowly in education, though, and while Knox was put on suspension, a final decision about her future hasn’t been made.

Hoping to head things off at the pass, Knox filed a motion this month asking that her case be postponed so she can retire and file for a disability pension, “due to both a back injury and ‘psychological grounds,’” reports the New Jersey Star Ledger.

“If I can retire then there is no need for me to go through this unpleasant experience,” Knox stated in court papers.

“Although I continue to maintain that I have done nothing that warrants me being disciplined … the thought of going through a tenure trial causes a great deal of angst. Unfortunately for all concerned, this matter has already received great notoriety in the local community. Avoiding a hearing will allow the local community to start the healing process sooner.”

This woman is an angel—thinking of the community before herself.

All together now: What a douche!

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  • Tackle

    Queerty why diged this up again?? She made her comments about gays back in October of 2011. She’s now asking to retire and is asking for a disability pension. Does this “really” qualify her to be douche of the week when others, more recently (according to what queerty has posted) have said and done worse??
    No Queerty! I’m NOT gonna go with your all together chorus line and say douche to this one.

  • MikeE

    @Tackle: actually, yes it does qualify her for DotW.

    She did something barely 6 months ago, the slow process of going through the legal mechanisms of her judgment are coming to fruition, and to AVOID having to face those ramifications and face judgment for actions she KNOWS are wrong, she would like to retire, WITH her pension intact.

    If she was reprimanded, or fired for her completely unacceptable behaviour, would she still get to keep her pension?

    This sad, pathetic excuse for a “christian” is most deserving of DotW in my opinion.

  • scott ny'er

    1st I heard of it. Sounds like a Douche to me. Can’t believe she’s an educator to special-needs kids.

  • Mark

    The word douche isn’t even appropriate. Paranoid schizophrenics say more coherent stuff then this. This women isn’t a douche she is a straight up fucktard who needs a psych eval

  • Daez

    @Mark: Ironic then that she is seeking to retire based on “psychological grounds.” It is almost like she is working the entire system.

  • Rockery

    She is hilarious! She says she loves and treats gay people well and exchanges gifts but there is something wrong with us? Then girls should lose their virginity to gigolos? Give that nut job her pension ASAP!

  • Oh, ok

    @Tackle: I agree, but they have more fun having a go at black people than anyone else.

    Ironically it hurts the “gay movement” worse than anything else. Best believe everyone is taking notice of white gay racism and the more they do it the more obvious it becomes.

    On this one at this point in time I’m rather enjoying sitting back and letting them do it because karma swings back around and bitch slaps you harder than what you gave.

  • axon

    Actually, I feel sorry for this woman. She is obviously confused and disturbed. She is not a douche, she has problems.

  • doug105

    @axon: No more then the rest of the X’ian hate crowd.

  • Joe dalmas

    This is a TEACHER?! Shouldn’t she LEARN how to use spelling and punctuation to qualify as a TEACHER? And now she wants our tax dollars to pay for her “disability”?

    Most definitely Douche of the Month.

  • MJ

    @Oh, ok:
    wow. and suddenly I don’t feel comfortable.

  • Belize

    @Oh, ok: So, the number of times that Queerty has lambasted white homophobes do not count or did your selective vision allow you to miss out on them? The archives are open for use, chica. The victim card is so late that the Catholic Church is using it–again. Try again.

  • axon

    @doug105: You can’t tell the difference? This is not hate, it’s struggling.

  • Belize

    @Joe dalmas: Oh honey, it doesn’t take good spelling skills to teach bullshit subjects like “Christian Living 101.” All you need is the proper mindset: everything is dirty, now start telling people to be ashamed.

  • Riker

    If she tries to retire under a cloud, then she shouldn’t be able to receive her pension. Its like saying “You can’t fire me, because I quit”. Nice try, but she’s still going to be canned.

  • mike128

    No retirement funds to this one. I think have her go through the legal proceedings and let the school district keep her money.

  • axon

    Yeah, throw her to the curb. That’ll teach her, right?

    What was that about sanctimonious pricks…?

  • villa viper

    @Oh, ok: Tackle here is ANOTHER example of a BLACK OPPRESSOR!! Don’t you guys ever get any rest? Or better dresses for that matter?


    @villa viper: Jack Conkling, the KS teacher basically said the same thang she did and he is not black..

  • 1equalityUSA

    The concept of tenure needs to be reexamined. I’ve never liked tenure. It allows burnt out, bad, uninspired nut cases to stay on and teach when other, more inspired, fresh minds would love to teach for a living. Tenure needs to go away in a hurry. It should be performance based. As for the performance of Viki Knox, not only does it lack understanding, but it shows proclivity towards utter madness. Good riddance to another hater. With this kind of poison running through her veins, she likely won’t live long enough to collect on her cherished pension. What a know-it-all, presumptuous bigot. With hatred like that, she’ll be pounding on NOMs door her first week out of the gate. They deserve her.

  • villa viper

    @SEXXYJAMAICAN: Really..he is not? Hum..maybe his wife is??


    @villa viper: yeah, hate to break the news to you man but he’s not. Also there is an article about Mr. Joseph Lowery and the NAACP. Maybe you should stop focusing on the race of the homophobe and focus more on their homophobia

  • Jeff

    She was on TV here the other night saying she has gay friends, but based on the dress in that pic, she doesn’t have one gay friend..

  • Oh, ok

    @Belize: Links? Evidence?

    I would like to see the calls by Queerty for firing and public hanging of white homophobes. Proof or it didn’t happen.

  • Oh, ok

    @SEXXYJAMAICAN: The funny thing is Queerty and commenters haven’t been calling for him to be fired, instead they say things like “he’s gay”, and they let it go.

    With this woman they want to see her life destroyed and won’t let it go.

    If black folk hung on to everything said about us everyday we wouldn’t be able to do a damn thing.

    White gays can sit around crying over things said on the internet that they didn’t even read with their own eyes and call that oppression. How pathetic!

    At the end of the day neither of these teachers bigoted or not actually hurt anyone. Should they be fired? Yes, because a teacher should not be bigoted at all. However it’s so plain to see the bias between the articles and comments on both teachers when ironically they’re listed side by side. The comments and articles should be the same. Why is one douche of the week and the other unfriend me? Why should one be fired and the other merely reported on?

  • villa viper

    @Oh, ok: Sexy Jamaican and Tackle would be a perfect couple! Except I bet they are both into quilting white men into sex :-(


    @Oh, ok: Aman to everything you just said.
    @villa viper: Man you are a trip. “Quilting white men into having sex” LOL, LOL, and again LOL…Your ass got shot down and now all you can do is sling bull chit… Apparently you can’t smoke meth and comment on a blog at the same time and for the record pimpin I’ve NEVER had to “quilt” any dude into sex, certainly not a white one.

  • villa viper

    @SEXXYJAMAICAN: I cant imagine the desperate white men that would have have with raging black men like you and tackle (and a few others on here). These white dudes that have sex with you guys HAVE to be doing it out of obligation :-(

    If both of you have sex with black men I respect who you are and the fact you are down with the cause. HOWEVER… if you two are black men that bitch about slavery (I mean really get over it!! Ever heard of NATIVE AMERICANS!!) and black oppression but obsess over having sex with white men you two are both fakes and deserve any criticism and embarrassment that is possible.

    And I look forward to each and EVERY article Queerty puts out about the BLACK OPPRESSORS. Cuz you know I will be there to shine a light :-)


    @villa viper: LOL. You’ve failed on soooo many different levels today. A hot mess. I just can’t anymore. Good nite

  • Aussie Col

    Hmmm hates LGBT kids, wants girls to have premarital sex with an experienced male hooker, and says her gay friends are sinners using Jesus’ name. She hasn’t recanted, she hasn’t noticed that Jesus said don’t judge, and no premarital sex. Sounds like a douche, looks like a douche, probably smells like a douche…. it’s a douche…. I say never let it go, never let this one have any peace ever. Burning in Hell is too good for this one.

  • !what the F**K!!!!

    @villa viper: GOD,YOU’RE INSUFFERABLE…you’re such a prick!!….and I like a good militant …but my god!

  • villa viper

    @!what the F**K!!!!: See What the F…K! You cant let an oppressor get away with their shit..Gotta be fearless and call it for what it is :-)

  • Will L

    She doesn’t just want to retire – she wants DISABILITY retirement. It will take Social Security a year to make a final decision on that. What a douchebag! Make her stay and face the music.

  • MikenStL

    I wish that before you all degenerated into a bunch on name calling twits, that you had just exchanged email addresses and carried out this ‘discussion’ in private and not subjected us to this!

  • Oh, ok

    @MikenStL: Ironically that’s what you’re doing and you added nothing about the article itself.

  • Ruhlmann

    @MikenStL: They would be asked to leave or be tossed out of any respectable establishment anywhere. This kind of shit is proof to some that they are alive and almost interesting.

  • n900mixalot

    @villa viper: And that light is bright as HAYELL! Hahaha you are lettinem have it!

    All of y’all wrong for that though. Race plays a part on both sides, yes. Phobia plays a part on both sides, yes. But a witch hunt is a witch hunt is a witch hunt–and witch hunts are all-of-the-way bad.

    So let em have it but do build them back up. Forgiveness is a strength. Like this female and her nasty attitude and tacky style… I forgive her for her ignorance, and hope that those she has hurt will some day be able to forgive her too.

    She clearly does not understand–truly understand–respect and dignity and integrity, ownership, all of these things.

    Strength is being able to admit that you were wrong, and/or being able to stand by your beliefs without being childish about it.

  • !what the F**K!!!!

    @villa viper: I KNOW THAT!…and I see the humour …but you deal from a stance that could be construed as unnecessarily superior and assumptive of others motives or indeed,what they’re actually saying. However,now I’m assuming…oh well?!

  • Charli

    Tackle? Really? Seriously? YOU ARE the douche!
    I can’t imagine you being gay and fighting for YOUR civil
    rights and want “to just let it go”
    Whatever! This is a fight to the end! Until we receive the same rights and respect as
    our neighbors, we will fight!
    Get over it pal!

  • Oh, ok

    @Charli: Are you serious? This woman is not the person behind your civil rights.

    We are gaining our civil rights despite her opinion. Are you this upset over the white teacher in KS who did the same thing? Are you campaigning for him to lose his job too?

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