NM Gov’t Isn’t Just Against Gay Marriage—It Doesn’t Want Gays To Learn About Safe Sex, Either

Last week Queerty reported on New Mexico governor Susana Martinez’s search for a new hairdresser after her old one decided he couldn’t take her stance against same-sex marriage anymore.

Well, Martinez might have to find herself a new gynecologist, too: Earlier this month, the New Mexico Public Health Department was directed to remove from clinics and kiosks any brochures that didn’t bear the Department of Health logo—something that’s never been required before.As a result, vital information on drug addiction, vaccines, STDs and family planning was tossed.

While it’s not clear who issued the directive—some sources claim it was Martinez, others says it’s Dr. Catherine Torres, the state’s Secretary of Health (and a Martinez appointee)—there is some speculation on why it was done.

A poster on writes:

What is not known by everyone is, buried in all of the recalled educational materials, is safer-sex material that contain illustrations of a same-sex couple. That caused the removal of all materials.  The hope of the Torres administration is to cover up the removal of these materials with a mass recall under the reason of a missing logo.

After area news stations reported on “pornographic” safer-sex materials provided to Jobs Corps Center in Roswell—brochures containing graphic (though not titillating) depictions of man-on-man sex—a representative from the DOH said there would be a  thorough review of all health brochures. “We think that the materials that were given out were not appropriate,” said Dr. Maggi Gallaher.

Whoever was responsible for the removal of the brochures, it was an epic fail. Ignorance might be bliss when it comes to how clean your hotel sheets are but not when it comes to sexual health, especially in the gay community.

Click through for a view of the “offending” pamphlet