NM School Takes Over Pubs Following Lesbian Photo

Some educators in Clovis, New Mexico, seriously lack backbone.

The area’s main high school came under fire four months ago after the student-run yearbook, the Plainsman, included pictures of a lesbian duo in a round up of the campus’ cutest couple. Buckling under pressure from angry locals – or is it yokels? – the school board has decided to take complete control of the district’s student-driven publications:

The board voted 3-2 to pass the new publications code Tuesday. The code also gives school principals authority to review students’ work before publication.

Clovis Municipal School District Superintendent Rhonda Seidenwurm said the school district’s previous publications code did not allow principals to review student publications.

Under the code, students can appeal a decision regarding content. The board of education will have the final say in the appeals process.

Oh, that’s promising!

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    Show me the picture of the lesbians 1st before I weigh in on this decision.

  • alex

    While I disagree 100% on the actions of this school board, I find it quite disturbing that Queerty would characterize local citizens as “yokels”. Why is it appropriate for you to use name-calling or to characterize those with opposing views as uneducated hicks?

    It’s easy for us in the LGBT community to dismiss our “crazy” opposition that calls us names. By using the same tactics, you undermine the ability to sway the undecided. Imagine if a fence-sitting local resident of Clovis, NM reads that a LGBT blog thinks they all are “yokels”. I’m guessing they might decide to support this poor policy.

  • Michael

    I’m originally from Portales, NM, 19 miles to the south of Clovis. I am qualified to say that the folks in Clovis are Yokels! For shame school board!

  • greybat

    Besides, what could be cuter than baby lesbians? Only a yokel would sneer!

  • Darth Paul

    “Yokel” is a rather tame term considering what these people merit. Spare us your PC bleating, Alex.

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