No Action For Prince Harry

Prince Harry can’t have everything he wants. The 22-year old royal insisted he be sent to fight in the Iraq War, but Army brass ain’t having it. BBC reports that General Sir Richard Dannatt has nixed the plan due to threats against the would-be reconnaissance commander. Dannat said,

Following a visit to Iraq last week I discovered a number of threats relating directly to Prince Harry and those around him and I am not prepared to export those risks… I know Prince Harry will be extremely disappointed and his soldiers will miss his presence in Iraq.

Our hearts go out to you, Harry.

We understand how much the prospect of fighting the not-so-good fight meant to you. You’ll most likely never be King, so this was an opportunity for you to really shine. Now, you’ll just sink back into your life as a peaceful citizen. Or, you could go it alone and become a war vigilante. Better yet, you can form a rag-tag group of mercenaries with a clever name, like “The H-Team” or “Harry’s Angels”! That would show the stupid army.