No Action For Prince Harry

Prince Harry can’t have everything he wants. The 22-year old royal insisted he be sent to fight in the Iraq War, but Army brass ain’t having it. BBC reports that General Sir Richard Dannatt has nixed the plan due to threats against the would-be reconnaissance commander. Dannat said,

Following a visit to Iraq last week I discovered a number of threats relating directly to Prince Harry and those around him and I am not prepared to export those risks… I know Prince Harry will be extremely disappointed and his soldiers will miss his presence in Iraq.

Our hearts go out to you, Harry.

We understand how much the prospect of fighting the not-so-good fight meant to you. You’ll most likely never be King, so this was an opportunity for you to really shine. Now, you’ll just sink back into your life as a peaceful citizen. Or, you could go it alone and become a war vigilante. Better yet, you can form a rag-tag group of mercenaries with a clever name, like “The H-Team” or “Harry’s Angels”! That would show the stupid army.

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  • traffick

    Yes, it is a stupid war, but I think Harry’s arguement is that his country and his people are at war. And he feels that he has a duty to fight along side his people.

    By not sending him you give the message that its ok for commoners to fight just not royalty.

    You have to respect him for enlisting.

  • Gregoire

    Harry had been slightly injured by mortor fire and lie moaning slightly. Although I had just come from my job at an Iraqi swimming pool and was only wearing my bathing suit, I had a first aid kit and began to bandage his wounded thigh. Lost in thought, I was shocked when I slowly felt his hand touch my knee. Although hot from the grip of his rifle, his hands were soft and yearning.

    “Your highness, what are you doing?” I said, as the silt of warfare translated into beads of sweat on my chest.

    He looked up at me, “I may be wounded, but I’m still a man and I still have needs.”

    etc etc

  • KPC

    I find it hilariousthat this “action” photo of Harry even exists — more public relations bullshit.

  • nystudman

    Why’d you run a still from “Gaytanamo”?

  • Paul Raposo

    “I may be wounded, but I’m still a man and I still have needs.”

    Gregoire, that is damned funny 8^)

  • el polacko

    yep.. the slash fiction is funny … and arousing !
    good lord, man ! don’t leave me hanging here ! what happened next ?!

  • Mr. B

    PRINCE HARRY FANFIC! Bravo, Gregoire. I’ve officially spit coffee all over my monitor. :)

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