No Air Kissing

We came across this article from The New Yorker and something tells us you’ll find it interesting.

It recalls a memorable plane ride for journalist George Tsikhiseli and writer Stephan Varnier, a gay couple in the throes of early love. Apparently, they caused a bit of an incident when they kissed while in flight, vexing a flight attendant and – allegedly – some other travelers.

Initially the men were told by the purser that the attendant had overreacted, but when they pressed the issue things turned a bit nasty.

Tsikhiseli then asked if the stewardess would have made the request if the kissers had been a man and a woman. Suddenly, Leisner said, the purser “became very rigid.” Contradicting what she’d told them before, she stiffly said, “Kissing is inappropriate behavior on an airplane.”

After being told to “behave” – what are they, five? – the men pushed the issue a little more, eventually drawing the captain from the cockpit and being threatened with a re-route due to their uncouth behavior.

We’re confused. A few weeks ago we reported that despite new liquid regulations, you’re allowed to bring KY on the plane. Now we’re being told we can’t kiss? We’re assuming a handjob under the blanket is a no-no, but if you can’t jerk someone off, does that mean you can only wank yourself? Seriously, who can have a proper go of it in those tiny toilets? That’s preposterous, and so is this story. Check it out and shake your fist.