No Basket For Eggs

So, this is the future…

Recent scientific research has yielded “female sperm”. Basically, scientists made sperm out of male bone marrow and are hoping to do the same with female bone marrow.

Some gay activists hope these developments will allow gay couples to have children together, thus chinking away at anti-gay marriage arguments, ie: God wants us to reproduce. Marcy Darnovsky of the Center for Genetics and Society doesn’t agree.

Darnovsky calls such gamete production “cloning for reproduction” and warns that untested procedures should not become part of a gay rights movement:

Why are speculative and risky technologies being held out to lesbians and gay men as tantalizing prospects? Are reproductive methods that amount to dangerous experimentation on their children really a road to freedom for gay families?

repoductive methods that are not safe enough for straight people shouldn’t be promoted to gays and lesbians. Gay families should not be made into guinea pigs for techno-enthusiasts interested in extreme forms of human experimentation.

Darnovsky’s argument’s definitely sound, but may be a bit premature. The “female sperm” hasn’t even been approved in the United Kingdom where it may be further developed developed.

Even if it does get the go-ahead, you know American lawmakers will have more trouble accepting new modes of reproduction than gay marriage. Hell, Darnovsky’s even opened her piece with a mention of California’s Supreme Court, which is currently deciding the constitutionality of gay marriage. We’ll definitely have gay marriage before any of this “female sperm,” which, if you ask us, sounds a bit distasteful…