No Birthday Bash For Liza Minnelli, Says Promoter Daniel Nardicio

liza minnelliWe tracked down Daniel Nardicio, the mastermind who is bringing Liza Minnelli and Alan Cumming to Town Hall for back-to-back one-of-a-kind shows, starting tonight.
According to Nardico, Liza’s been so busy getting ready for the performances, she didn’t even get to really celebrate her 67th birthday yesterday.
“Liza’s such a pro, she spent her entire birthday yesterday with all of us holed up in a rehearsal room just working out all the material for tonight,” he reveals. “She’s picked some incredible songs from her vast repertoire including, some she hasn’t done in years.”
La Liza arrived in New York on Sunday after a series of shows in London and Paris and went right into rehearsals. “When I mentioned that it was a pity she had to rehearse on her birthday she replied, “there’s no place I’d rather be,” says Nardicio, known to many as the king of underwear parties. “We had a little cake and then it was back to rehearsal.”
Well, we hope someone has the good sense to sing her “Happy Birthday”!

Tickets are still available for Liza and Alan at Town Hall on March 14.