No Concessions From Clinton

While Barack Obama‘s soaking up the limelight, Hillary Clinton‘s plotting her next move.

Despite the rumors, Mrs. Clinton did not concede the Democratic race to Obama last night, as many thought she should. Rather, the Senator told voters and supporters in South Dakota that she’s going to take some time to make a decision:

In the coming days, I’ll be consulting with supporters and party leaders to determine how to move forward with the best interests of our party and our country guiding my way. I am committed to uniting our party so we move forward stronger and more ready than ever to take back the White House this November.

Clinton made no mention of being open to the vice-presidential slot, but vowed to keep fighting for the things she believes in: ending the war, universal health care and generally improving the American experience.

I understand that a lot of people are asking, what does Hillary want? What does she want? Well, I want what I have always fought for in this whole campaign. I want to end the war in Iraq. I want to turn this economy around. I want health care for every American. I want every child to live up to his or her God-given potential, and I want the nearly 18 million Americans who voted for me to be respected, to be heard and no longer to be invisible.

No doubt Clinton won’t be invisible during this general election. Obama desperately needs to rally her troops and bring them into his campaign fold. And, from the sound of it, top Clinton staffers are already signing on to the Obama team: strategist James Carville and Campaign chairman Terry Mcauliffe have already pledged their allegiance.

Hillary’s website, meanwhile, opens with a “Show Hillary Your Support” form, on which voters can send the former First Lady a loving message. Or a message of condolence. Regardless, that move shows that Clinton’s rallying her own troops to prove her worth. How this will pay – and play – out remains to be seen, but Mrs. Clinton’s flexing her final muscle. Some are saying, however, she should save her energy to strengthen her Senatorial career. And that wouldn’t be a bad idea….


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  • Nate

    what a bitch…

  • emb

    Her speech sounded exactly like the one she would give at the convention, accepting the nomination. She clearly thinks (or is pretending to think) that she hasn’t lost this race. Her words about Obama were patronizing and dismissive, the sort of empty “pleasure to have run with him” blather one would expect from the, um, winner.

    If she pressures him to name her VP, it will be the end of our chances in November. (A) she would be a dreadful VP, unwilling and unable to accept a supporting position; (B) her husband would be a disaster, a bull in the china shop of the world; and (C) if Obama accepts a sort of political dance–you offer as a gesture of respect and I decline gracefully–then his real pick will be tainted as a second choice.

    I won’t use the B word, but someone’s making it more and more difficult. The Senator from NY is failing to show political judgment, party loyalty, progressive patriotism, or common decency.

  • steve

    what an ungracious person she is

    thank god i never supported her

  • Justin Bright

    @ #1. That’s a pretty horrible comment to make a about a woman that has served this country honorably as First Lady and as New York Senator and has also been a true friend to our community. She has run an amazing campaign that has excited close to 18 million people to vote for her. She has every right to determine the timeline of making a decision about the status of her campaign.

    Its going to be awfully hard to bring about party unity with name-calling and animosity towards Hillary Clinton.

  • mark

    Obama schedule meetings with ALL the former Democratic contenders, put Hillary firmly among the pack of “also-rans” and NOTHING MORE.
    She showed ZERO class last night, and deserves to be treated EXACTLY the same.

  • mark

    Last night Hillary showed her legacy, as First Lady…of Arkansas.

  • afrolito

    Barack better treat Hillary and the 18 million people who voted for her with respect, if he wants a shot at the presidency in november. He in no way has a mandate from the people, as he pretty much limped over the finish line last night, after being handed the nomination by the super delegates.

    He’ll be begging her to be VP this summer.

  • mark

    start floating these phrases to the press…What does Dodd want? what does Kucinich want? what does Edwards want? what does Biden want? what does Gravel want? and what does Clinton want?

  • Jason

    I certainly don’t want to see him take Hillary as his running mate. That might actually give hime a chance to win. I don’t want to see him in any context as our next president.

  • George

    What I find even more disturbing is that they would object to any female VP other than Clinton, but not a male:

    If this is true and Hillary and her supporters object to a female VP other than her, they will show their TRUE colors. As someone who is hoping Obama picks Kansas Gov Kathleen Sebelius, a truly qualified candidate who is a perfect fit with Obama, I find it the ultimate irony that they’d object to someone just for being a woman.

  • AlecM

    great speech. Those who are itching to use the ‘B’ word would only have been happy with a public execution. Despite the scam of the party and the massive Obama cheerleading in the media, she remains strong. Much respect.

  • Charley

    It’s a matter of courtesy to concede. It’s that damn Bill twisting her tits to not give up their sinking Clinton Titanic.

  • Gregoire

    It’s the best we were going to get from her. However, she did home the impossibility of her ever being vice president. Instead she’s going to start her own nation and be president of it. And its going to populated by West Virgianian rednecks, middle aged women and about eight dozen sanctimonious queers.

  • steve

    “Barack better treat Hillary and the 18 million people who voted for her with respect”

    when in the bloody hell did he not treat her with respect? please tell

    do you call not even simply *acknowledging* the accomplishment of the first african-american to win a presidential nomination respect?

    every time he gives that woman a daisy, she turns it into a dagger… respect is a 2-way street… every time that man makes a magnanimous gesture, she spits in his face

    and you know, this new “18 million” talking point/threat i’m hearing left & right is a fucking joke

    i mean seriously – what percentage of that “18 million” would still vote for her if given a second chance? cause i know a hell of a lot in california who wouldn’t

    and what percentage of that “18 million” is the heaven’s gate “give me hillary or give me nikes” faction that’s been making so much noise?

    just askin

  • fredo777

    Scam, my ass.

    He wasn’t “handed” anything unjustly, having worked just as hard as Clinton. That’s beside the point, anyway. It’s time to get behind the new Dem. general election candidate, not to undermine his win.

  • afrolito

    I never said anywhere that he didn’t treat her with respect steve.

    Save your bullshit vitriol.

    Btw, how much of the 18 million who voted for him, are planning to repeat it in november? His losses in these last few primaries are a major sign of problems with his campaign (rhetoric). His limp to victory last night was in no way a mandate.

  • ChristopherM

    That speech was like school in the summer: no class.

  • Tom

    One commentator fittingly called the Clintons “deranged narcissists.” I don’t want to see the Clintons anywhere near the White House. Their legacy is forever tarnished…I doubt Hope Arkansas would welcome them back.

  • emb

    AlecM, I was not looking for a public execution or self-immolation from HC; just a rational recognition of actual and political realities, and the common decency and personal class to recognize that Obama won and attracted more delegates and the race is over.

    But rationality and common decency is apparently too much to ask of Hillary.

  • Dom

    Hillary really should end her campaign. I mean, it is June, and you know what happened to RFK in June of 1968.
    Oh, dear. I’m sorry. Were you offended, Senator Clinton? Would you like a silk hankie to wipe away your salted tears? Perhaps a white working class racist to fan you while Harriet Christian massages your tired feet? Maybe you could get your supposed 18M supporters to donate a dime or two so you can have a nice relaxing outing at a luxury spa, preferrably for the next 9 years.
    Fuck you, Hillary.
    Yeah, I said it. FUCK YOU. And I honestly wish everyone in the blogosphere who is fed up with her selfish antics would just use that term whenever they refer to her or whenever they are asked about her: FUCK YOU, HILLARY!
    Her usage of the gender card is disgusting, an insult to hard-working women in this country who did more for our nation than Hillary ever did. My mother is 89 years old, raised 10 kids and worked from the age of 14 to her retirement at 61. She would take down Hillary in 3 rounds because she absolutely despises Clinton and is determined to vote for Obama in November. She knows what’s at stake. She sees the damage done to her country by Bush and that the damage will continue with McSame. So if the Hillbots want to vote for McSame in November, and lose abortion rights, gay rights, economic prosperity, enviromental protection, separation of church and state and contribute to the deaths of more American soldiers in this insane Iraq war, then go ahead and vote for the son of a bitch. But don’t point your fingers at others when this travesty comes to pass. Look in the mirror and blame yourselves, because you have put Hillary’s ego above the good of this nation.
    The only reason Hillary Clinton has gotten away with the execrable aspects of her campaign is because she is a CLINTON, a brand name that has long lost its luster. If some unknown Dem candidate named Josephine Schmoe was running in the primaries and used the same type of divisive tactics against a fellow Dem – and especially if they refused to support the Dem nominee after her opponent had clearly won – they would be stripped of any power and thrown out of the party forever.

  • Thomas Delayed


    I don’t remember your mom mentioning Hillary Clinton as I was fucking her. But more to the point why such venom for a lady just because she chooses to run for President. Did it take any hair off your ass?

  • mark

    Hillary’s objection to any other woman being VP shows exactly how hypocritical her feminist roots go, she’ll gladly BUILD a glass ceiling over any other woman’s head, or stand on their throats in her sensible heels.
    The only Democratic woman I would find offensive as Obama’s VP is Clinton.

  • mark

    Thomas Delayed,
    Funny when I f*cked your Dad last week, he was so grateful, that politics didn’t even come up in the conversation.

  • Timmy

    The funnier thing is that the dad is the only one getting f**ked in Thomas Delayed’s family. The mom is dog-faced ugly and Thomas suffers from epileptic dementia.

  • darcy

    Team Hilary!

  • Mowan

    When i heard Hillary is “plotting her next move” the only thing that came to mind is that she has 17 million + voters, how can she use them to get what i wants…

    Instead of uniting the party like she said she would, she is extorting it for either a VP slot or to pay of her campaign debt that she accumulated on her own. The ones in here that worship Hillary can say what they want about Obama. Last night She showed zero class and just confirmed that she will kicking a dead horse.

    By the way, its very funny hearing Gay men on this blog talk rudely about Obama, and become bitter bitches (the term that a lot of people think most gay men are) and swear they are going to vote for McCain. Self Loathing at its finest.

  • Mowan

    Edit from last post

    When i heard Hillary is “plotting her next move” the only thing that came to mind is that she has 17 million + voters, how can she use them to get what she wants…

  • Thomas Delayed

    No matter how often you fuck my Dad, America will never elect an empty suit.

    No matter how often you call Hillary Clinton a “fucking bitch” will not change the fact Obama voted present over 100 times.

    No matter how ugly my family is will never change the fact that Obama hasn’t done a fucking thing for anyone other than give a speech.

    The Delayed family rules the fucking universe. We know everything about everything. Our dicks are huge and people beg for us to fuck them.

    Now that I have enlightened you, I must move on to another blog. In the interim, please accept the Lord Jeebus Christ as your personal savior and
    make yourself happy be re-reading all the nice things people said about you in your High School annual.

  • Mowan

    “No matter how often you fuck my Dad, America will never elect an empty suit.”

    We did.

    Twice in a row.

    So it can be done :)

  • Chet

    I hope Barack loses this election. 2008 to 2012 will be a poison pen – and not even Jesus as president will be able to avert it.

    The anti-Hillary vitriol was always absurd to me – you “educated” Obama supporters often get reduced to rambling when talking about the woman. You might as well just call her a bitch at this point and get over it. Obama never needed to turn negative really (even though he was fooled into doing it), because he has all of you to do it for him.

    Whatever reason you might have to hate her, you must admire her for her cunning. Hillary 2012 FTW!

  • Mowan

    Quoting Chet…
    “I hope Barack loses this election. 2008 to 2012 will be a poison pen – and not even Jesus as president will be able to avert it.”

    You would want higher gas prices, more deaths to an unwanted war, horrible economy where businesses are crashing, and people are loosing house because the market is horrible. Lets not forget the choice for supreme court justice members that will overturn roe vs wade, ban abortion which we will see back alley abortions with hangers from women who are unable to get them now. Lets also not forget the ban of gay marriage ( which i assume does not hurt the bitter ones because they do not have someone that is in love with them so they are not getting married anytime soon), all because your candidate did not win the democratic election? Obama and Clinton have 95% of the same views. Both want to end the war and both want to work on Health care and work on the economy. Which is a polar opposite of McCain who does not give a damn about gay people or our rights. the only major difference between them is that she is a Woman and he is half black. My candidate , John Edwards did not win either and he had more experience then both of them. But despite the fact that he did not win i am not going to vote on 4 more years of bullshit.

    As i said, it amazes me that how bitter some “fags” are going to be just because they did not get their way. So they would vote on 4 more years of backwards progression and have rights taken away just to see Obama lose.

  • Mr C

    It doesn’t matter for all the of the intelligence of HRC which she is a brilliant woman. She has really showed what she is capable of. This will not be forgotten and she can forget 2012 and even possibly her Senate re-election. Barack has treated her with respect and dignity too bad she didn’t and once again. To her supporters who are crying fowl.

    If he loses in Nov so be it.

    Her 17,577,048 supporters will only hurt themselves by voting for McCain. If he called his own wife a “CUNT” imagine what these chicks will be called.

    For all Gays and women have fought for. The clock will be turned back with those right wing justices and for your PRIDE and HATRED then serves you right.

    Like I said in another post. If that be the case then let McCain win. Then you will feel better that he caused damage to you and not THAT DAMN NI%%ER OBAMA as some of you would say.

    Suffer at the hands of your own

    Act you like you know. You can’t be a queen and think society will accept you under a McCain presidency. All rights will be OFF THE TABLE

    The CHANGE and EXPERIENCE we need!

  • Mark

    Thanks for the permission, Dom. People like you make the choice so easy.

  • Clinton Uses Nasty Tampons

    Maybe McCain will ask Hillary “The Down Home Hollywood Millionaire” Clinton to be his VP, ’cause, with all the big name Democrats she pissed off with her speech last night, she’s doesn’t have a chance in hell of getting nominated for dogcatcher on the Democratic ticket in 2012. And if any of her supporters want to vote Republican come November, I say don’t let the screen door of the voting booth hit you on the ass on the way out. Obama may have “limped” over the finish line, but she sure didn’t.

  • Bob

    Wow. There’s that olive branch from the Obama camp to those of us who backed Hillary. And some of you are actually shocked — SHOCKED — that some of us will vote for McCain. I’ll never vote for Obama because of the way his supporters act. Go down in flames, NObama. I hope you don’t even get re-elected to the Senate.

  • Clinton Uses Nasty Tampons


    Please, by all means, vote for McCain. He needs the support.

  • Mowan

    Bob = the reason why i laugh on the forum every day.

    Your Nominee lost and you are ass hurt over it. And you could not come up with a reason why you will not vote for him other then the fact that his supporters made your ass hurt on here. Obama has been nice compared to Clinton through this entire campaign and he then congratulated Clinton on running her campaign last night and did not speak ill about her in any way. But again, some guys on here made you cry and threw it in your face that your nominee lost after you were just as vile as they were, and as retaliation, you are voting on having your rights taken away out of protest. Again guys like you make me smile every day when i read this. When you cant come up with a stance that he backs that does not benefit you, but you can use the fact that Clinton lost as you your excuse. How is that Mature….?

    Epic Fail!! :-D

  • M Shane

    That’s just what I thought,Gregoire, as I read her speach. None the less lets hope for all of us that Ms. Clinton can =forget about her nation of 18mill.= since that is irrelivant at this point, unless she and Bush plan on pulling the military together. (I’m serious) and having a bipartisan coup. The “chickens would just be coming home to roost.”.
    Let’s hope she can get over herself and do the best thing for the party and nation in support of Barak. It may be harder for Bill than she (get over that oval room B.J.)

  • Chet

    @Mowan “As i said, it amazes me that how bitter some “fags” are going to be just because they did not get their way”

    Oh, I am not bitter. Just realistic. I would rather have 8 years of a democratic president (2012-2020) than 4 years of diminishing expectations followed by 8 “more of the same”.

    “You would want higher gas prices, … horrible economy where businesses are crashing, and people are loosing house because the market is horrible. ”

    I don’t think we should leave Iraq so soon. We would de-stabilize and fuck it up more than we already have. That’s what got us into this mess in the first place – does no one remember Soviet Afghanistan? It won’t be permanent, but we should finish what we started.
    Also, Barack won’t have some magic stick to wave those economic problems away. Lumping all those problems together as something Barack can solve in 1 term shows a complete lack of realism if not naivete to quickly changing global situations and the complexity of market mechanisms. Oh sure, he can make the effort, but chances are, he will dealt an extremely bad hand while the world awaits some miraculous royal flush. I’m just calling his bluff early.

    also FYI – not even Bush can be blamed for the housing bubble. The only prescient argument you have might will be with regards to supreme court nominations. But then again, we’ll have a insurmountably strong democratic congress so I don’t have any particular qualms about that.

    So really the brunt force of your babblings comes down to this: boo hoo you’re all a bunch of bitter queens.

    Wow, great show of mental acuity there.

    Also I agree and believe that Hillary actually planned to run in 2012 once she saw that Barack was going to win. That’s why I admire her cunning. Should Barack lose this election and run again in 2012, then I would by all means support him in – though I doubt that the party leaders would let him.

  • Mowan


    You still did not answer my question. You gave me hints as to a Hillary Run for the nomination in 2012. And to be honest, she should me more worried about her senate seat then the nomination. She burned alot of bridges this nomination and As Cafferty on CNN said, ” her Speech Tuesday showed how well she is at being a help to the Democratic Party. She isnt. and to not even Acknowledge the fact that on a Historic night such as it was she could only turn it around so it would be focused on her.”

    Thats not Cunning. When you bash a fellow democratic nominee so bad the republicans are using you as their spokesperson in their ad just so you can set yourself up for a run in 2012, That being what everyone is calling her, a Selfish Bitch. If the party leaders dont allow anyone to run, it will be Hillary, not Obama. If she gets the VP slot more power to her, not changing my vote, still voting Democrat.

    As for Iraq, we have no reason in being in that war, the citizens there do now want us in their country, and we should be focusing on home first before we work on another country’s stability. Pull out and work on Iran, a country that the UN actually supports the idea of working on. As for the economy, you are right he does not have a magic stick to wave to turn it around, but McCain is just going to let it continue to seep into depression not ending that war and stop spending billions on it when it can be used for health care and education. And housing is tied to the economy also so Bush had a hand in ruining that also.

    So your “Realistic” views are fairy tales. So to add on to your rundown of my statement. “Boo hoo, you’re all a bunch of bitter queens with delusions.

    Real Mature of you Chet ;-)

    Just like the kids in elementary, when playing football, they dont get their way, they take the ball and walk away from the game.

  • RPCV

    Mr. C. Here you go again!! You wrote above: ” To her supporters who are crying fowl.” LOL. Fowl, my DC-educated dimwit is poultry, as in chicken, turkey and ducks. I be thinkin’ the werd you be lookin’ faur is “foul.” Maybe you could spend this hot weekend in DC reading your grammar books……..

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