No Criminality In Dean Johnson Drug Death

Case closed!

Washington DC police say there’s “no evidence of criminal wrongdoing” in night life personality Dean Johnson’s October death. Johnson and another man, Jordan “Jeremy” Conklin, died within days of one another while visiting former Commerce Department employee Steven Saleh. Both men apparently succumbed to “acute intoxication”:

: “Because there is no indication right now of a homicide, the case is closed,” said D.C. police spokeswoman Traci Hughes. “However, if any additional information comes to light, we’ll reopen it and continue the investigation.”

The D.C. medical examiner’s office said that recently completed toxicology tests found that Conklin consumed a lethal combination of alcohol and oxycodone, a highly potent pain medication sold under the name OxyContin.

As for Johnson, the office said, the tests showed that his fatal intoxication was caused by a combination of oxycodone and four other prescription drugs…

It’s worth noting that investigators have no listed an official manner of death: suicide, homicide or accident.

Mr. Saleh declined to comment, but his lawyer said, “Mr. Saleh hopes that these autopsy results will afford closure to their families and to all those who are grieving the tragic loss of these men.” And we bet he’s hoping there’s no wrongful death suit.

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