No Drugs For Moss Daughter

It’s good to know we’re not the only people in the world who want to see Kate Moss and her daughter, Lila Grace. escape Pete Doherty’s clammy, drug-adled grasp.

Douglas Hack, lil’ Lila’s grandfather on her Dazed and Confused publisher father Jefferson Hack’s side, wants to insure that Pete Doherty has no role in the tot’s life. As everyone’s favorite conservative British tabbie, The Daily Mail, reports, Hack said, “We’re worried about Doherty and his drug situation. We don’t want Lila around him or drugs.”

Oh, please, that poor child was probably nursed on heroin. And, if not heroin, we’re sure a little blow found its way into mama’s milk.

While we’ll never understand Moss’ attraction to the admitted junkie, Hack speculates it’s the rock star allure she finds so intriguing:

She’d love to be a rock star herself,’ he said. ‘That’s why she hangs out with that crowd the whole time. She doesn’t really like modelling that much.

Given the the cool reception she received when she sang with Doherty last month, we hope Moss isn’t holding her breath. Besides, why would Moss want to give up her reported £30 million annual salary? Imagine all the blow she could buy…