No Duty For Exhausted Madge

She may speak with a British accent, but Madonna‘s still got her American civic responsibilities.

The singer spent at least some of her Monday milling around a Los Angeles court room waiting to be called for jury duty. And she wasn’t necessarily happy about it – but that didn’t stop her from making some press-friendly funnies:

While serving jury duty Monday in LA, sources said she “complained that she got only three hours of sleep because of her Oscar party Sunday night, and then asked another juror if she could lie down on the bench.” One spy said, “She was laughing with jurors and said she hated the movie ‘Enchanted.’ ” When the court started calling out jurors’ names, Madonna “got up to stand in the unemployed line and joked, ‘I’m gonna tell them I’m an unemployed mom.'”

We don’t know what Madge said to the judge, but it worked: she got out of sitting jury.