No Ecstasy for Sydney Gay Mardis Gras

0651519400Bad news for circuit queens looking to roll in the land down under! A four-month undercover investigation by Sydney police has led to a drug bust that confiscated $80,000 worth of ecstasy tablets destined for the annual gay Mardis Gras in Sydney. The police task group charged with the operation has the cool name ‘Strike Force Boult’. They’re saying that the bust is significant enough that it will greatly curtail the supply of the happy-fun-feelgood pill at this year’s event, preventing thousands of gay men from tragically reliving the 90s.

The Sydney Daily Telegraph reports:

“Ryan Kirkbride, from Wentworthville, was charged with selling a large commercial supply of a prohibited drug.

Police will allege Mr Kirkbride was organising the supply of 2000 ecstasy pills for Saturday’s Mardi Gras.

Worth about $80,000 on the streets, police, more importantly, believe the arrest has ended a valuable supply chain to this weekend’s gay parade.

NSW Police Assistant Commissioner Catherine Burn hailed the bust as a significant blow ahead of the parade.

“We will be alleging that the drugs were destined for the Mardi Gras parade,” Ms Burn told The Daily Telegraph last night.

“The disruption of this drug supply chain has put a dent into the market and it will reduce the amount of drugs available.

“It’s essential that people understand we are going to target drug crime up to and including the Mardi Gras parade.”

Strike Force Boult was formed last October, targeting large scale ecstasy supply in the Sydney area.

Police will allege Kirkbride sold a large commercial quantity of ecstasy to an undercover officer numerous times during the investigation.

It culminated last night with his arrest for organising the sale of a further 2000 pills.

A large amount of pills were allegedly found in Kirkbride’s car after his arrest.

Three separate cars were hit during the arrest, however police charged only Kirkbride.

He provided little resistance.

At the same time police raided his home in Wentworthville.

“It is an extremely significant result for the Surry Hills Regional Enforcement Squad,” Ms Burn said.
She praised the work of officers involved in the operation. “