No Fairy Tale Disney Wedding For You

Alright faggots of the marrying kind, we’ve got some bad news for you. You cannot – we repeat: cannot – celebrate your gay nups at Disney World in Florida. It’s tragic, yes, but there’s nothing we can do about it: gays can’t legally marry in Florida and apparently Disney requires a valid marriage license before it will allow you to celebrate in its fantastical realm.

As the kids over at AfterElton point out, however, it shouldn’t be an issue, because the family friendly company simply holds ceremonies and doesn’t issue licenses. That said, a gay couple should be able to rent their space for their ceremony, legally binding or not.

California’s Disney Land does allow domestic unions, but you can only celebrate in certain areas. No Rose Court Garden for you, just a tacky banquet hallor ballroom. So, is the mega company violating discrimination laws? While we’re not lawyers, it certainly seems that way.

When asked for a statement, a Disney representative said:

The Walt Disney World Resort is open to everyone, every day. We extend our welcome to everyone and treat all of our guests with respect.

Are we the only ones who smell mouse shit?