No F’ing Joke!

Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s pro-Sarah Palin point of view could be put to work this weekend. ABC confirms that The View star has been invited by the Republican vice presidential nominee to appear at two weekend rallies. A rep for Hasselbeck confirms that she’ll be attending two rallies in Florida on Sunday, one in Tampa at noon and one in Kissimmee at 3 p.m. Hasselbeck will be introducing Palin at the rallies.” [MSNBC]

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  • kelly

    What a joke.

  • andy

    She makes me sick, and she is the reason I don’t watch the show. Whoopi, I’m sorry but there is no way I’m going sit and watch her try to make a fool our of all of us.

  • ChicagoJimmy

    Couldn’t they get someone with half a brain to represent the conservative point of view on the show?

  • George

    Palin must be so happy a shrill reality TV reject is back her.

    Poor Obama can only get Oscar winners and multiple Grammy winning celebrities to campaign for him.

  • Okie

    Birds of a feather.

  • Tonic

    They are so blind: This is only going to hurt them. Who, but the most inane and extreme people, would consider Elizabeth Hasselbeck a good endorsement. They continue to polarized themselves more and more. If anyone was on the fence…that fence is being quickly dismantled by antics like this.


    You go Liz! Hard working Americans down in FL will have the awesome opportunity to see two great women.

  • Ted

    Why does *anyone* care what this ignorant cunt says?

  • michael

    A stupid cunt introducing a stupid cunt, Sounds appropriate to me.

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    Downing Street!

    Really, Elisabeth Hasselbeck is Barbara Walters’ Poodle Cha Cha! Maybe she can help Sarah, the Same-Sex Impaler find a dress at Marshalls under $100.

    The diminuitive blond talking head of apoplexy is just putting forward a brave face on a derailed Straight-talk Express to Nowhere while she shops her Reality-show resume and Conservative credentials to Fox affiliates after the View is thankfully put out of it’s MISERY.

  • Alan down in Florida

    George’s remark made me realize that this election is nothing more than a Sarah Palin wants to be President in 2012 Reality TV show. Maybe Elizabeth is auditioning to be her on screen BFF.

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