City Council Considering Ban

No Gay Pride For Vilnius?

Vilnius’ government wants no gay gatherings. Pink News UK reports that the Lutheran town’s city council plans to outlaw gay pride parades, picnics and other queer collecting:

New rules passed by the city council in Vilnius will effectively outlaw gay marches and other events, according to Lithuanian gay rights advocates.

Amendments to the public order and cleanliness regulations mean that the police or a special commission will be able to ban any event where they think a riot might occur.

“Cleanliness regulations”? Right…

Gay activists rightly point out that other events can spark public violence, ie: soccer matches. The city council agrees and says it will work with police to determine which events warrant regulation. We’re guessing soccer games will make the cut.

As for the gays? Well, the town doesn’t have the best track record, so we’re not holding our breath.