Texans Debate Discriminatory Art Direction

No Gays In Church Directory?

A Fort Worth church has quite the internal struggle. Broadway Baptist Church remains split on whether or not to include gay people in their 125th anniversary celebratory directory. Though the moderate congregation readily accepts gay people, senior minister Brett Younger continues to chastise homosexuality as a sin.

BBC’s members were meant to vote yesterday, but decided to wait for the deacons to release a recommendation on February 24th. That recommendation will most likely weigh the congregation’s incompatible suggestions:

…Some members feel that allowing gay couples’ photos in the directory would be too strong an endorsement of homosexuality. Others hold that letting gay members be shown in the directory, but only on an individual basis, would constitute an unfair “judgment” against gay couples, he wrote.

A third option, recommended by Dr. Younger, would forgo individual and family pictures in favor of more attention to the church’s worship, Sunday school and ministries.

Can you imagine what would happen if someone suggested picturing only the homos? It would be uglier than the Armageddon in the morning!

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