No Go on Gay Sperm, Says Canada

The Ontario Court of Appeal ruled on January 12, that prohibitions on gay men’s sperm do not violate the nation’s Charter of Rights, meaning a lesbian known only as Susan Doe may have find a new way to fill her lonely womb.

Doe and her girlfriend hoped the court would allow their friend, “D” to donate his sperm, but Canadian law restricts men who have had sex with men since 1977 from pledging their seed. Doe took the issue to court, insisting the discriminatory law violated her right to choose a father for child. The court, however, upheld the law, despite the fact that the same men can donate to sexual partners or spouses, a stipulation Doe maintains violates gay rights. reports:

[Doe] wanted the court to declare that federal regulations governing semen donations violate the equality guarantees of gays and lesbians in the Charter… Susan Doe unsuccessfully argued that it was unconstitutional that the federal rules impose restrictions on semen donated by men to women who aren’t their sexual partners, a requirement she said is unfair to lesbians.

The regulations do not apply to men who are donating to a spouse or sexual partner, ostensibly because they are considered to be in a position of trust and can make their own decisions on whether the semen is safe.

Um, right, because married men never have sex with men and lie about it.

In light of the ruling, Doe said she may take the sperm square-off to the Supreme Court, saying, “I will not rest until that splooge’s up inside me!” Get those spermies, girl, get those spermies…