No, It’s Not An SNL Skit—It’s A New Anti-Gay-Marriage Attack Ad!

The Campaign for American Values PAC launched “A New Morning,” a new anti-Obama ad targeting the President’s support for marriage equality.  In the segment, a fretful mother puts down her newspaper and complains to her husband that President Obama is “forcing gay marriage” on this country.

You hear that, America? You’re all gonna have to get gay-married! Your mother and father will have to divorce and marry same-sex partners. That’s how Obama wants it!

The tagline to this attack ad is “That’s not the change I voted for”—indicating it’s aimed at socially conservative Democrats or Independents who voted for Barack Obama in the last election. But a majority of those Americans support marriage equality—and even those who don’t aren’t as concerned with banning same-sex nuptials as they are with the economy, defense, immigration and other issues.

Maybe “A New Morning” would have more of an impact if it didn’t feel like a MAD TV spoof—right down to the dramatic music that rises when the husband announces they can “vote for someone with values.”


Of course, the real crisis here is not that President Obama is now in line with how more and more people feel about marriage. It’s that this woman is wearing a hideous blouse and no makeup when she knew she’d be on television. Clearly the gay stylist on this shoot was exacting a small measure of revenge.