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No Justice for Duanna Johnson. Will There Be Any For José Sucuzhanay?


It’s still a little bit hard to understand how, after viewing a videotape of now-former Memphis cop Bridges “Sutton” McRae “wrapping his handcuffs around his fist and punching [transgender prisoner Duanna Johnson] six times in the head and then using his pepper spray,” and listening to the testimony of one of McRae’s former boys in blue, that jurors could not convict Johnson’s assailant. But we weren’t in the jury box. So, for the second time, a judge declared a mistrial in McRae’s assault case against Johnson, who died later from an unrelated gunshot wound. A single juror held out on ruling guilty. Which leaves us a bit on edge in the just-begun New York murder trial for José Sucuzhanay (pictured), who was killed in 2008, allegedly by suspects Keith Phoenix and Hakim Scott, whom prosecutors say mistook José and his brother Diego’s huddling together while walking for gay affection — and then laughed about the killing, on camera, afterward.