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No Lesbian Bishop For Chicago

Maybe God does hate fags…

Chicago-based Episcopal Reverend Tracy Lind lost her bid to become the Windy City’s new Bishop. Instead, the Chicago diocese voted a Washingtonian named Jeffrey D. Lee as their new spiritual leader. NY Times provides more details:

The Rev. Tracey Lind lost her bid Saturday to be the second openly gay bishop of the Episcopal Church and the first female bishop of its Chicago diocese.

The Rev. Jeffrey D. Lee, rector of St. Thomas Church in Medina, Wash., won the election to lead the 40,000-plus member diocese.

The outgoing bishop, the Rev. William D. Persell, said the election “should not, in any way, be seen as a vote against a gay or lesbian person.” He said women make up a third of the rectors and vicars in the diocese, and that gays and lesbians are “some of our most creative clergy.”

Oh, yes, we gays can find 1,001 new things to do with a cross!

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  • KJ

    Calling it a “bid” is a bit misleading; the process is not like a campaign. Search committees in the Episcopal Church pick the candidates, not the other way around.

    In fact, I kind of wish that was the way that picked the US President.

  • boolax2

    I agree with KJ.

    Additionally, there were 8 candidates, only one of whom is gay. Considering the current landscape, it’s notable that she was nominated at all.

    Also, GLBT Piskies in Chicago hardly “lost”. Every indication points to Bishop-elect Lee loving The Gays.

  • KJ

    Correct, Boo — soon to be +Lee is good with the GLBT; his current parish is in my neck of the woods. It is unfortunate that the media presents this as “the lesbian lost” story, but I suppose that makes GLBT detractors in TEC, for the moment, happy, but it’s really not the story.

  • Rt. Rev. Dr. RES

    +Lee is a good man and will make an excellent Ordinary for the diocese.

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