No, Luan’s High School Principal Is Not Making Him Disappear From The Internet

If there’s one thing all the bloggers at this website agree on, it’s that Luan — the fast-talking, trash-talking cewebrity — is The Awesome. We’ve seen his motor mouth put anti-fem gays in their place. We’ve seen his lightening speed lips advise ghey guys who are so desperate to be in relationships. And now we see Luan working up a sweat over his Texas high school trying to intervene on his Internet career. OH HELLZ NO.

Administrators at Luan’s school, where he graduates in two months, have discovered his YouTube channel, which is pretty silly, because this kiddo has been vlogging long enough to regularly rack up hundreds of thousands of views per video. (I’ll go out on a limb and attribute his mass appeal to his sass appeal.) But they’ve got a problem with how Luan’s web videos are, uh, reflecting on the school. So his principal told him he can either delete the videos, or get suspended.

So Luan is folding, and agreeing to the terms.

“I know you think I’m a bitch for not fighting this,” says Luan. “I feel like a big bitch.”

Oh. April Fool’s? You stupid bitch! Love it.