No Matter How This Week’s Prop 8 Rulings Go, LGBTs Still Win

There’s two Prop 8 trials going on right now: one to determine whether Prop 8 supporters have legal standing to defend the anti-gay law (since both the California governor and Attorney General have declined to do so), and another to decide whether the Prop 8 trial videotapes should get released to the public. Our favorite marriage watchdog Matt Baume says that whether we win or lose, we still win.

If the court decides the Prop 8 defenders have legal standing, then we could possibly argue Prop 8 all the way up to the Supreme Court. And if the court decides against the Prop 8 defenders, then Prop 8 will be overturned and California can go back to re-instating marriage equality for everyone.

As for the videotapes, the court transcripts are already a matter of public record. During the Prop 8 trial, the anti-gay side managed only to scare up two witnesses, and now they don’t want Americans to see how their two witnesses did on the under oath (probably because their testimony will make the National Organization for Marriage and other anti-gay groups look foolish).

Good news after Labor Day weekend? What a refreshing change!