No More Benefit Of The Doubt For Pope Francis — Ever

pope francisSo much for The Advocate’s Man of the Year. 

By choosing to meet with Kim Davis, the reigning pin-up queen of homophobia, Pope Francis has sent the clearest possible signal about where he stands when it comes to LGBT rights. In doing so, he vaporized the good will that he generated during his visit to the U.S. last week. As turns out, all those friendly-sounding statements were little more than a distraction from the Vatican’s hard-core disapproval of all things gay.

Some of the reason lies with Francis, who has been ambiguous enough at times to raise expectations. A lot of disaffected Catholics, gay and straight alike, had hoped that the pope was more open to LGBT people. After all, he sent his blessing to an LGBT group in Italy, something that would be impossible to imagine under his predecessors. Apparently at his direction, the Church is flirting with the idea of some recognition of the existence of gay families. People have been desperate to believe that change was coming.

Yet doctrinally the pope has never wavered from the existing line that homosexuality is a moral disorder. In fact, there’s been plenty of evidence from Francis’s own lips that he was every bit as opposed to gay rights as Pope Benedict and Pope John Paul II. In one of his many statements opposing marriage equality, last April he called heterosexual marriage “the masterpiece of society.” According to one of his bishops, he is “shocked” at the idea of gay couples adopting. He took a swipe at transgender people for seeking “to cancel out sexual difference.” 

The meeting with Davis, however, is a declaration that the pope has declared his allegiance with the religious right when it comes to gay issues. A more colossal PR blunder is hard to imagine. Davis got 15 minutes of precious time in a private meeting with Francis, which she and her allies will use to fundraise until the end of time. The pope lent credibility to Davis’s lawyers at Liberty Counsel, the right-wing group defending her. They needed that boost, given that Liberty Counsel’s relationship with the truth would fall under the classification of casual encounter (how about those 100,000 Peruvians rallying for Davis?).

To wade into this battle with these people is just dumb. Yet Pope Francis is a Jesuit, the intellectuals of the Church. There are few naive Jesuits, and you don’t get to be pope by being one. The pope knew what he was doing when he met with Davis.

Some apologists are already insisting that the move “confounds the culture warriors.” Sorry, but that doesn’t wash. If Francis had spent some time with a gay youth who had attempted suicide or a gay couple raising a family as well as meeting with Davis, that would be confounding. But it’s impossible to see how Francis hasn’t taken a side in the culture war.

The meeting is a wake-up call to all of the would-be Fran-atics who think that the pope is going to change the Church. Maybe at the edges, he will. But the core teaching — that you and I are predisposed to evil because of who we are — will remain unchanged. A few crumbs tossed our way won’t ever make up for that. Let’s just not forget it again.

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  • Mauricio Colmenares

    Same hypocrite asshole just trying to make some controversial everyday.

  • myrdraal2001

    I never liked this MAN and I thought him getting the person of the year was premature at best. His “Who am I to judge” line was b.s. Just sidestepping the question. Well with her meeting and the remarks he has made about transgendered people I believe we all have our answers. Let us also not forget all of the alterboys their priests have raped.

  • Robert Smith

    Even though I am Catholic, albeit lapsed, the Pope should not be meddling in US Constitutional issues….. this is a legal issue…. why has the same judge, Bunning, not weighed in on any of these issues, such as tampering with physical licenses themselves…..deny deny deny this idiot woman any more meetings with anyone on this issue….

  • Ron Alose

    Fucked up this time Frankie!

  • Douglas Schlitz

    This pope has a lot of good ideas, meeting with bigot Kim Davis was not one of them.
    Too bad he supports bigotry !
    There certainly are thousands of people more deserving of the attention than her !

  • 1EqualityUSA

    Creepy, dark church. It is going obsolete.

  • Jerry Green

    His meeting with her certainly changed my opinion of him. As a Catholic, albeit a lapsed one, I think it’s time to find a new church.

  • Chad Moore

    What angers me the most is the fact he could have been visiting patients in hospitals, but instead takes the time to see that vile woman. You notice the meeting was “Secret” and yet she and her lawyers could not wait to tell the world about it.

  • Rissi Credici

    Papa Francesco = ??????????????????????????

  • Cam

    This is in no way a defense of the Pope.

    My guess is that the U.S. conference of Bishops, the crazy conservatives who have been fighting him at every step made sure to set up this meeting and insurance it happened. The Pope is still an ass when it comes to marriage, but I’m just guessing that he didn’t get here and say “I want to meet with Kim Davis”.

    Again, not a defense, but pointing out that things also need to change at the lower levels of the church too.

  • Jay A. Scaramazzo

    The Catholic Church will never change. The back door meeting with Kim Davis is likened to their turning Jews over to Nazi’s in WW2 in order to protect their riches. See them for who they are.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    I pictured some wealthy ass saying that he’ll donate huge dollars for 15 minutes with St. K.

  • Glendon Robert Frank

    I want to know who exactly arranged this meeting …

  • David Parker

    forget ever trying to get a christian to accept us, even if jesus told them not to follow Jewish law, it’s in their blood to hate someone, anyone. Without the enemy there is no need for a savior…so thus they create an enemy…which, unfortunately, is us

  • Daniel Salmeron

    One action does not make him all bad and the directions he has taken is mostly positive. I choose to concentrate on that while trying to change the not so good

  • Dakotahgeo

    I had my doubts about this man but, Hell– never again! Never trust what’s under those robes!!! They hide a lot of things I’m sure the public doesn’t want to see, much less hear about!

  • Wilson Ramos

    you people and i mean NEWS FEEDS Gay Media need to STOP SPREADING and CREATING so much HATE!!!! that is what that BITCH KD is all about and you people are HELPING her on her mission. i personally dont have a problem if that the Pope really (VIVA EL PAPA) met with that BITCH whats gets me ANGRY is the secret behind the meeting and the fact that she doesnt deserve the attention!!!!

  • Thomas Anderson

    To be clear, this is a man who is protecting child molesters.

  • Todd Elkins

    Did any of you ever stop to think that maybe his visit with Kim Davis was more for his benefit than hers. He might have also tried to heal the sick b****

  • Jim Philbrick

    By meeting the Crazy, The Pope reveals who he really is…the man behind the smile is very dark

  • Creig Stearne

    He never should have been up for it, head of a religion that teaches hate towards use. Screw that

  • Alexander R. Rodriguez

    and no more benefit of doubt for the Gay Left’s “tolerance” meme. Thx for proving your Catholic bigotry!

  • Ken Painter

    He just made me EXTREMELY HAPPY that I’m a Protestant! :)

  • Christopher Sorenson

    Maybe she will see another light and not only become a Repblican and become a Pope.

  • Edward Wisnewski

    Not only did he meet with her the visit was planned before his trip and according to I found he wanted to keep the visit quiet so as not to disturb his trip. He knew if the meeting was known before his trip there would have been a lot of demonstrations

  • Amaurys Arias

    Disgraceful coward… No real change, Just a good politician

  • Sarge At Large

    The meeting is a wake-up call to all of the would-be Fran-atics who think that the pope is going to change the Church. Maybe at the edges, he will. But the core teaching will remain unchanged. Let??s just not forget it again.

  • Randy Smith

    the pope is a dope. stay in your own country.

  • Louis Navarrete

    News flash! Pope is Conservative Catholic!

  • Darrin Jones

    Now he just undid all the work he did here in usa.

    Everyone quite bitching and let’s take all the stones that were rejected and we build our own Vatican. We have plenty of stones

  • Irish Ryan

    Where do you think he stood on LGBT rights?He is the Pope.How can people be so stupid.The Pope cannot change Church doctrine.Wake up Lefties.

  • Troy Geary

    Wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  • Brian

    Homosexual feelings are not a moral disorder but promiscuity is in my view. When you behave in a way that is counter-productive to one’s health and well-being, it IS a disorder.

    • Dakotahgeo

      @David Parker: Ya know… you paint with a shit-load all-emcompassing brush!! I am (and millions of other Christians are) a minister (retired), and I know a hell of a lot of people who would never talk or act like the Pope. Just because YOU got crapped on in life doesn’t mean all of us did! Sooo… drip, drip… my contribution to your whiny shit! I mean… DAMN! Grow up!

  • Geoff Butcher

    The guy’s a prick. The worst kind, hides his bigotry by placating the dirty herd with the odd simple feel good 3 words once a month and every half witted catholic in the world thinks he’s being “all modern and stuff”. There’s no room for them.

  • Phillip Donkin

    I have been told that Evangelicals are suspicious of Catholicism?

  • Michael Haynes

    Not the Peoples Pope, not My pope, The whore of Kentucky met the Whore of Bablon.

  • Alejandro Espinel

    Underneath the white dress, all the baby kissing and wheelchair pushing, there’s still a man whose teachings are, and will always be, corrupted by a huge ego that comes from telling people what’s “right” and what’s “wrong”. You can’t trust any of them.

  • Jon Strumel

    He blew it. Hypocrite.

  • Juan Carlos Zubiaurr

    it IS disappointing that the POPE met with that unfortunate county clerk. nevertheless, that DOES NOT cancel out his positive messages: climate change, more economic opportunity & help for the poor, abolishing the death penalty. these are progressive values, for sure. everything is not all BLACK or WHITE/GOOD or EVIL. the vicar of Christ is no exception

  • John Garisto

    Who were culprits in this arrangement? Was the pope informed beforehand? Was this suddenly imposed upon him and by whom? What politicians were involved? Priests? Bishops? Was the pope informed of our laws? Was he aware that she refused to step down or transfer authority to her assistants? Was the pope aware that she refused to resign because she was not about to sacrifice $80K? Many questions are unanswered. If he was duped into this shady secret meeting, those who are responsible have no moral authority to champion anything at all.

  • M.g. Enders

    The Devil on Earth

  • Alex Amonett

    Jason Kosnick – thought you may find this an interesting read.

  • Robert Smith

    I, too, would like to find out who arranged the meeting and why???????….. Remember it is religions sole purpose to keep us full of guilt, etc. AND to make more of the faithful, which is antithetical to being gay and gay adoption does not necessarily create more of the faithful either due to the antithetical beliefs, which is also the reason why Catholicism is against gay adoption albeit creating “families”. The Popes visit is a historical artifact and should be regarded as nothing more than that.

  • Corinne Duwe

    Guys, transpeople as “nuclear weapons”? Did anyone catch that? It’s not so long ago that we were the nuclear weapons. The whole thing stinks.

  • Derek Perron

    If this is your red line regarding the pope then u are giving Kim Davis WAAAAAYYYY to much credit and authority. She’s one person in one county out of how many ?

  • Michael Broussard

    Pope Francis is the most charismatic, humble, and likeable pope we have had for a long time. I’m sorry he believes that Ms. Davis’ opinion on same-sex marriage trumps her sworn duty to do her appointed job. This is one mis-step in judgment on Francis’s most arduous journey of understanding the World and making it a better place. I found Mr. Gallagher’s article, while well-written, one-sided and unnecessarily inflammatory. I would have preferred more circumspection and less drama.

  • Tony Minutella

    Hypocrite…it will take generations for the Vatican to recognize the normalcy of homosexuality…he’s just an old man with outdated views on marriage and family, and this meeting reinforces his own bigotry

  • Sweetie Pie

    Surprise, surprise…..not

  • Brian R. Gibson

    He’s a swine. Pure and simple! He’s a lying, duplicitous homophobe underneath that white robe. May he burn in hell for all eternity!

  • Nick Marriott

    He is just the friendly face of Catholicacism …..evil cunts!

  • Dakotahgeo

    @Dakotahgeo: “encompassing”… typo and grrring! I get upset when people seem to be pussecuted all their lives!

  • Jay Quail

    I would like to see what Dignity has to say about this.

  • Craig Cain

    Yes….what he did tells the real truth about how he feels. I wonder if he realizes how It changed people’s perception of him. Definitely change mine.

  • Prinny

    You thought that homophobic a** and child molester protector like him would accept us? Hahahahaha you naive fools

  • Prinny

    @Brian: Jason you really are screwed up!

  • passingthru

    @Brian: WTF? What does this comment have to do with the article? Do you think that the idiot pope met with the crazy to discuss promiscuity? Are you a god to judge how people live their lives?

  • Jeremy Coburn

    Come on guys. The pope is just a figurehead. The Catholic Church will NEVER EVER condone homosexuality. The opinions of pope Francis are censored and governed by the church. As for Kim Davis? Stop buzzing about her and she will go away.

  • Hellen Marshall

    I no longer admire or respect him.

  • Scott Rose

    @Brian: Eat shit and die, you moronic bigot.

  • aliengod

    @Juan Carlos Zubiaurr: I’ve been saying the same thing for the last couple days. You might as well hold your breath. It falls on deaf ears. Most of the people on here would much prefer finding something to be angry about than anything positive. It’s unfortunate but true.

  • Scott Rose

    What part of “The Catholic Church is the world’s single-largest anti-LGBT hate group” do people not understand? When Ireland voted for marriage equality, the whole Church hierarchy was running around like a bigot chicken with its head cut off squawking that this was a “catastrophe” for humanity.

    Francis likens transgender people to nuclear bombs and then his asshole defenders try to explain what he “really” meant.

    Don’t be an idiot. Francis is NOT your friend.

  • Bill Krauter

    This visit did not do anything to make me go back to the Catholic Church. The Kim Davis behind closed doors reinforces that. He’s done good, but this? How foolish. Jesus would meet her in public in front of everyone, not like a coward behind close doors to save a momentary image of himself… shame on the Pope

  • Patricia Otis

    Actions speak louder than words. A Jesuit apologist is trying to minimize the impact of this catastrophically bad decision by the Vatican. Bigotry should never, ever be entertained – let alone encouraged and supported by a revered religious leader. Just when we thought there was some progress being made – now this: the very lowest, basest, hateful and least evolved soul being directly linked to what many believe to be the most exalted. I’m pretty sure this is all just power and politics; the Catholic Church in no way represents God’s loving goodness. Shameful to the nth degree.

  • Larry Scott

    They are all the same under the veneers. Why anyone expects anything different is a mystery to me. The dogma doesn’t change. Religion is an illusion and a delusion. Embrace spirituality instead and let all churches wither and die.

  • orcanyc

    He showed his true colors and people have been foolish to think he will lead a change. He’s still an evil man!

  • Patrick Doyle

    he also met with Fidel Castro….

  • Mark McCormick

    A pope is a pope is a pope…the corrupt figurehead of a corrupt organization. I don’t know why anyone is surprised by this.

  • Ladbrook

    Is the pope Catholic? Duh.

    All of this shocking ‘controversy’ left me wondering about Francis’ boyfriend. I wonder if they talk about their hypocrisy between orgasms or over dinner. Ditto for the disgraced Benedict, who was forced to “resign” over god-only-knows-what to prevent a full institutional meltdown after the media got its hands on his lifestyle quirks. I’m guessing Pope B was a pedo and his victims are now multimillionaires.

    The church is corrupt; their priests are criminals; and their faith is non-existent.

  • Richard Lee Zweiben Klein

    He proved himself that he can’t be trusted when it comes to gay and lesbian issues. Bottom line he’s a sneak secretly communicating with Kim Davis.

  • Matt Ryan

    I have no respect for those who can’t appreciate human lives in general….regardless of sex, race, color, sexual orientation, etc. Religion should help bring communities together for good, not dictate or force us to be exactly the same. We are each unique. Unfortunately, they will not get that through their protective robes. It’s truly disgusting how judging people have become. Shame.

  • RobvR

    It’s like a nazi saying he suddenly likes jews. Rome is the center of religious evil when it comes to gays (in the West). Even 50 years from now the RCC may say they did some wrong in the past but when it comes down to it they’ll always abhor everything that’s not right according one of the most read and most hatefull books in history. Say something horrible, find a quote in a holy book and you suddenly have the law on your side.

  • Bruce Dean

    He was saying the right things, but ALWAYS avoiding the real issues, and nobody was asking him the hard questions, the world was too much absorbed in their pope fandom.
    I have no time nor patience for religion – I find it completely illogical and most often used as a rationalization for irrational actions.
    “Thus I clothe my naked villainy in old odds and ends stolen forth from holy writ, and seem a saint when most I play the devil.”
    (Shakespeare’s Richard III, Act I Scene 3)

  • Stefano Gant

    I have heard from npr this morning. The pope might not know the purpose of this meeting or who is this bigot perhaps. If that’s case, the pope can address a statement to reinforce his point of view on gay people. That would be a right thing to do and show how progressive and a decent human being he is.

  • Harvey Shaeffer

    He was never in favor of LGBT rights, ever. Why is everyone so surprised?? He stated that he does NOT support gay marriage right from the beginning. He scolded the Republicans, yep. He believes that the Repub.’s are greedy and deny climate change, that’s it. He’s no friend of the LGBT community, he never was.

  • David Harlem

    You’ve go that right…the old man was the proverbial “Trojan Horse” which by the way Kim should have used a trojan when she was fornicating with the father of her bastard children. We’d have all been spared a little more bigotry.

  • AnTonio L Larcusi

    He is just like every other Pope. Nothing surprises me with these people.

  • Ellen Kort

    So disappointing!! All the joy I watched on TV is now gone. What a mistake he made by meeting with her. He seems to have so much Love but this was a display of supporting ignorance and hatred. The Jesus I know would not support her. Love You.

  • David Gordon

    Maybe he punched her with his famous right cross

  • Electra Eddie

    Why is anyone surprised an organization that has had an epidemic of pedo priests and cover ups yet continually condemn the actions of consenting adults are the EXACT SAME PEOPLE they have ALWAYS been is beyond me..

  • Bisexual-Transwoman

    Why are people now so suddenly surprised that the pope is against LGBT people?

    @RobvR: It’s not Rome, it’s Vatican city as the Vatican is its own city-state.

  • RiBrad

    I can’t believe progressives were fooled in the first place. One feel-good speech about climate change and an ambiguous “Who am I to judge?” statement was supposed to wipe out hundreds of years of persecution of gay people? The Christian church has not changed, they are just smart enough to disguise their hatred of gays from the modern liberal mainstream. Why do we care what this man has to say anyway? Why do we so readily feast on the crumbs dropped from the table of our oppressors?

  • Gale Fowler

    Did he even know who he was talking to? Or the history? My guess is this was a set up plan using the Pope. Strange that her lawyers won’t say how the meeting was arranged. I understand he told her to “stay strong.” Was the a generic saying he tells everyone? There’s more to this story.

  • Harvey Shaeffer

    All these apologetic Catholic sympathizers on here (claiming the Pope’s not really like this, he made an error in judgement, they want to get to the bottom of this), make me flipping sick!!! LGBT Catholic followers are as disgusting as LGBT Republicans!! 100 times worse than Ms. Cait’s views on traditional marriage or Republicanism. Can you really be Catholic and LGBT, REALLY??

  • Curty

    He should be jailed for protecting child molesters and endangering the welfare of children. Sick!

  • StephK

    @Cam: according to news reports, the U.S. Conference of Bishops was dead set against this meeting which was set up by an archconservative papal nuncio at the Vatican.I would like to believe that the pope was set up by one of his many enemies at the Vatican, and that he was unfamiliar with all the details and bigoted implications of Kim Davis and her cause.The secret nature of this meeting also disturbs me as it shows that had it been public,there would have been a firestorm in New York the following day.I am certainly disappointed with the Pope for either being duplicitous on the lgbt issues or allowing himself to be manipulated by the reactionary and dark homophobic forces in the Vatican.More is going to come out on this story, but in the meantime the damage has been done.

  • Dwight Roberts

    Gale Fowler what I think is interesting is that yesterday she stated that the pope had told her exactly the same thing as Boehner said he was asked by the pope when Boehner resigned last week, that the pope asked her to pray for him. Her reaction was also verbatim what Boehner said his was.

  • thomas prentice

    Conscientious objection USED to be draft resistance and refusal to fight in the wars of Europe and the US empire, especially WWI and II. The treatment of conscientious objectors by England and the US was despicable.

    Karl Marx said that history repeats “first as tragedy, then as farce.” Conscientious objection to killing people in war occurred in tragedy and was a tragedy. Now the right wing Christian and Aryan supremacists and Pope Francis have turned conscientious objection into TOTAL FARCE.

    Kim Davis is a government employee PAID to perform certain duties and has NO STANDING WHATSOEVER to conscientiously object to performing those duties and if she does, she should RESIGN or BE FIRED. What would happen to YOU were you to “conscientiously object” to doing something at work today?

    Actually, it would be nice if more people were like Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden, Julian Assange and other Whistleblowers and HONESTLY conscientiously object to something that JESUS/YESHUA/JOSHUA HIMSELF WOULD CONSCIENTIOUSLY OBJECT TO SUCH AS WAR — and, like Martin Luther King and Gandhi, take the consequences for non-violent civil disobedience. Were that there were some CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTORS AT GOLDMAN-SACHS or EXXON-MOBIL, or google or Facebook, or Lockheed-Martin, or Blackwater or Stratfor, eh?

    BUT THE POPE HAS JUST CONSECRATED “KRIS-CHUN” so-called CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTION by infantile, selfish-narcissistic personality disorder people like Kim Davis to doing their duties WHILE STILL GETTING PAID FOR HOLDING A CUSHY GOVERNMENT (or corporate) JOB. Have your cake and eat it too.

    WORSE, the POPE HAS JUST >>>>>>> MERGED CHURCH AND STATE <<<<<<< in a nation admittedly with barbaric England Christian roots and drowning/suffocating in barbaric England Christian culture but which is still technically at least secular in nature with some sort of separation of church and state. At least in theory.

    And THIS all comes on the heels of an Obama speech to the United Nations in which he basically DEIFIES the US as the GOD OF THE NATIONS — we will do what we want, fuck you — and essentially defines democracy as supporting US policies and anti-democracy as opposing US policies. US Police State Empire Uber Alles.

    So one is LEFT with the AWKWARD and STUNNING realization that the single, sole, ONLY voice of actual REASON in the world is from the Russian president for crissakes. For a silverhead like me to go from always believing the US president and totally distrusting the Soviet leader — and believing that the US president was always the voice of reason and sanity — to THIS pretty well tells the tale of what is WRONG with America.

    America: Born in the "tragedy" of genocide, land theft and slavery, becoming a beacon of freedom whether justified or not, America is now the land of TOTAL UNREASON, indeed, DYSREASON, and is the Roman Empire with drone bombs and little god Caesars rotating in and out every so often, the Empire, the State is now GOD, the official religion whether de jure or not, and the Pope has now consecrated the same.

    Contradictory, yes, in a nation state WITH gay marriage but also allowing bureaucrats to invalidate gay marriage. WITH A PAPAL BLESSING for crissakes.

    Tres Despicable.

    Where will this insanity end?

    Meanwhile, LGBT activists protest a FILM? And get all worked up over bathroom access?

  • Giancarlo85

    @Juan Carlos Zubiaurr: But he really hasn’t espoused any of those types of views and many of his views are more conservative than you think. Bergoglio also failed to address his past with the Argentine military junta. Former dictator Rafael Videla said the church knew more about the state sanctioned kidnappings and torture than it claims.



    Francis is nothing more than an economic and social CONSERVATIVE in sheeps clothing.

    Oh and as far as Francis (Bergoglio) being opposed to same sex marriage… I knew this for 5 years now.

  • Giancarlo85


    He sharply criticized Cristina Fernandez’s government for legalizing same sex marriage. THe problem I have with this man is he’s putting his nose into internal affairs of a country, in which the Catholic Church has no business getting itself involved in. This isn’t the Middle Ages.

    You want a real hero for gay people? You should look at Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner… she is a real hero. Not this pope, no matter how much Alienturd wants to claim.


    (Sorry had to break this reply into two as this site’s stupid filter doesn’t know the difference between facts and spam)

  • Giancarlo85

    @Scott Rose: Exactly. Francis isn’t our friend and he isn’t a progressive either. And I challenge any of the simpletons on here to prove that he is a progressive. I have deeply investigated this man’s past. He had a habit of criticizing Fernandez’s highly progressive government. He even criticized Nestor Kirchner too.

  • Bruce Vanis

    Sort of felt he was too good to be true!

  • P.j. Arellano

    Not sure why anyone is surprised

  • Michael Clifford

    I wanted to believe Francis in his talk about LGBT matters. I really, really did. But this Kim Davis meeting cannot be explained away.

  • Desert Boy

    The Advocate name Papa Francisco “Man of the Year”? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  • Michael Clifford

    From the New York Times: “Mr. Staver said that he, the Davises and Vatican officials had agreed to not publicize the meeting until after the pope had left the United States because, he said, ??we didn??t want the pope??s visit to be focused on Kim Davis.? Gee, wonder why?

  • Rixter Mixter

    He made a lot of nice noises at the beginning, however this duck has lost his quack !

  • marc sfe

    @Wilson Ramos: You might wish to read the right wing newsblogs – you know, those who are calling for us to be put to death – Shoeblats, Rev Andereson in AZ – talk about hate!!!!

  • marc sfe

    @Brian: do you put the same onus on heterosexuals who are promiscuous??

  • queertyrone

    @Curt Rogers
    nice try. the Pope knows exactly who she is, what she represents, and why the meeting was arranged. the covert nature of it all, as well as the Vatican’s spin that it was about papal support of “conscientious objection,” speaks to that. how about time with an anti-ivory/animal extinction advocate, or an anti-oil/pro Arctic environmentalist, or a representative from Black Lives Matter? the list of conscientious objectors is endless! and a clear choice was made. it’s absolutely no accident that an anti-Gay “figurehead” would make it to the top of the list. like seeks like.

  • Scotty Be

    he is a coward!

  • Albert Miller

    I was surprised to hear he talk to her and incourraged her. I like him a lot , now not so much

  • Gary Harryman

    Just like Kim Davis, Pope Francis hates American values – like Equality for We the People. Both are just two-faced homophobic bigots.

  • RobvR

    @Bisexual-Transwoman: In Europe, when people refer to Rome in a religious sense they refer to the Vatican instead of Italy.

  • Peter B. Martin

    Whatever gave anyone the idea that the Catholic church could ever embrace diversity?

  • Chuck Duncan

    He’s the Pope of the Catholic Church. Why is everyone so surprised about this? Just because he made some “progressive” statements about immigrants and climate change?

  • QueerTree

    The Ali Forney Center requested to meet with this creep to introduce him to the homeless lgbt youth who’ve been rejected by Catholic dogma. They were turned down. Yet this POS gets his attention and praise.

    I had begun to warm up to this loathesome Dope, who like the child rapists he represents manages to get you to let your guard down then fucks you up. In the past I’ve given a pass to catholics and tried to separate my revulsion for their church from their faith. But no more. This bastard has thrown down the gauntlet and definitively proven that anyone who supports this evil is an enemy to lgbt people. If they give money to this hate group it doesn’t matter how much they claim to be allies.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    Juan Carlos Zubiaurr said, “it IS disappointing that the POPE met with that unfortunate county clerk. nevertheless, that DOES NOT cancel out his positive messages: climate change, more economic opportunity & help for the poor, abolishing the death penalty. these are progressive values, for sure. everything is not all BLACK or WHITE/GOOD or EVIL. the vicar of Christ is no exception”

    Our community is to be excluded from the above?

  • Vincent Martinez

    Stupid stupid comments. You queens are bitter, bitter people. No compassion, ugly, ugly hearts!
    Yes, I am gay, CATHOLIC & PROUD!!!
    I embrace my pope and my religion, no its not perfect, but neither are your SIMPLE SPOILED ATTITUDES! LITTLE BABIED, KICKING YOUR FEET ON THE FLOOR!!!#

  • Nancy Martin

    and to think that i liked him so much. it is not so much that i expected the church to change. i don’t think that will happen but i at least thought that he had compassion. i was wrong. again.

  • Billy Budd

    He is a bastard. Disgusting creature just like Kim.

  • M J Martinez Crogan

    pedophile is sheep’s clothing “Cult Leader”

  • Sameer Nurani


  • Nathan Dostal

    The very worst part is that the pope and almost every priest is a self hatign cellibate gay man fearful of some made up sky daddy. At the very least, he should just STFU about gays…

  • animaux

    Why are poeple surprised? On many occassions he likened our equality to global warming, rampant capitalism, war and other disasters. In Argentina he used to call us satanic. During his recent visit to the Philippines, he insinuated that the equal marriage movement is being supported by some unknown powers, possibly by the Satan himself.

  • Ian Bower

    So happy to be Atheist. :)

  • mezzacanadese

    Why doesn’t Kim Davis move to Rome? That way she and the Pope could see each other every day and plot together and compare notes.

  • Will Glitzern

    He’s anti-gay, just like all the rest.

  • Rixter Mixter

    At least we knew what we were dealing with with the last spineless old shite !

  • NateOcean

    The Pope, being celibate but curious mentioned that he “wanted to see a vagina”.

    But with language problems that got translated into “wanted to see a big c*nt”.

    So naturally his assistants arrange for him to meet Kim Davis.

  • Tita Mora Ford

    Bill and I have issues with the pope since the beginning.

  • Daggerman

    ..he is an abomination and it infuriates me that all his cowardly citizens admire him and put him in the Vatican. When in America he spoke and said we all must respect and cherish the traditional marriage–WHAT F***ING ERA DOES HE LIVE IN?? What a total Joke.

  • James

    The pope is an asshole stuck in the middle ages of catholic guilt. And Advocate magazine is one of the most conservative rags around.

  • TampaBayTed

    Well, well, well…Pope Sneaky the First finally showed his true color…yellow. His Machiavellian meeting with the adulteress Kim Davis and her fourth husband was a sucker punch for all the LGBTQ people in the United States and the world. He was way too good to be true. I thought he was kind of kinky beatifying a friar who brutalized the native Americans in California, but this was the cherry bomb on top of the Vatican cake.

  • Musk

    Whatever the reasons may be, what the pope did was GALACTICALLY STUPID!!!

  • John Allman

    Speaking as somebody who happens to be openly homophobic, who therefore ought to know whom (if anybody) he admires for his or her homophobia, I certainly wouldn’t describe Kim Davis as “the reigning queen of homophobia”. By meeting with Kim Davis (which he may not have chosen to do), the pope hasn’t sent ME any signal AT ALL about where he stands when it comes to what you call “LGBT rights”. He hasn’t even sent a clear enough signal to me for me to be absolutely certain where he stands on what he is said actually to have spoken about, namely freedom of conscience.

    Even if it is compulsory to obtain a marriage “licence” (and that is by no means certain), then it is certainly nobody’s “right” (or need) to obtain that licence from one specific individual, namely Kim Davis, just to annoy her, so far as I can tell.

    Some people are homophobic. Homophobia is a *value judgment*, not a scientific theory that can be disproved. As long as people have freedom of thought and belief, there will be some who make the value judgment you call homophobia. The best that anybody who resented breathing the same air as homophobic people can hope for, is a culture of “don’t ask, don’t tell”, because homophobic people are scared to out themselves. It would be far better if those who were intolerant towards homophobic people learnt to get over it.

    See: British judge okays “Don’t ask, don’t tell”

  • George Maynard

    Does a bear dump in the woods? Is the Pope Catholic?

  • TampaBayTed

    @NateOcean: LMFAO

  • Daniel-Reader

    It’s best that all assets of the Catholic Church be sold and the proceeds given to victims of abuse, which includes all the nuns in regions where nuns have not been able to to hoard millions of dollars of wealth the way Mother Theresa did (may she burn in hell for her greed and fake schtick).

  • Tim Warner

    If you think that for any reason that you can Trust The Holy Roman Catholic Church,
    you are kidding yourself, and that includes the POPE!!!!!!!

  • robin reardon

    Pope Francis and Kim Davis seem to be BFFs now. Lots of theories about why they met. Maybe he doesn’t “judge,” but he expects God to do so. Shouldn’t we start judging him? http://www.robinreardon.com/blog/

  • stanhope

    There never was any benefit of the doubt about miss pope except among those of you so desperate to believe that you suspended common sense. There is a shot where miss pope is turning to wave leaving new york….and she has a pronounced sneer……it reminded me of Nicholai Carpathea in “Left Behind”

  • Gary Langfield

    He’s a catholic why are people surprised at this? Lol

  • durable13

    People have no healthy doubt about this highly dubious story because they want, in advance, to find a reason to hate this Pope, and religion in general. That couldn’t be more obvious by the chorus of anger in the comments everywhere. I’m not religious but I find this Pope remarkably loose in his definitions about all sorts of things. It’s moderate politics; something Americans disposed of decades ago and would have a much more promising future in my opinion if we could regain.

    So back to idiot Kim. This story could be used as a case study in critical thinking, so many assumptions based on so little information. To be precise, there is only one verifiable fact about Davis’ so called meeting with the Pope. She claims she met with him at the Vatican Embassy. Vatican spokesman Lombardi confirms only that they met, very simply. Literally all of the other details people are all fired up about are coming from Davis’ now GOP funded whiplash lawyer, a scum whose recent history is full of outright lies (a prayer meeting in support of her in Peru of over 100,000 people, ya, I’d believe that, except the photo he used was from almost two years ago – http://thinkprogress.org/lgbt/2015/09/29/3706790/liberty-counsel-kim-davis-retraction/ ). And their whole story about the Pope is equally far fetched, a secret prearranged meeting, as if she were some high level political illuminati. I seriously doubt it. If that were true wouldn’t it make sense that the meeting would involve some extended conversation about the topic at hand. Seems odd that she provides literally no details. She would have us believe that she and the Pope simply got together to hug and pray. Her whole story sound like pure fantasy.

    One detail that does burn in the back story here is her comment that she “changed her hair up” for the meeting. That’s a photo I’d like to see. The more plausible scenario is that her lawyer told her to sneak up to the Pope in disguise, shove her hand out at the right moment, and steal a photo with him to boost her waning popularity. People do that all the time with the Pope to promote their own aims.

  • Eddie Bryan

    Must be the meat in him. I resent the idea that he is supporting religious rights. Why doesn’t he meet with Zen folk and other meditators. I follow Siddha Yoga. Why doesn’t he meet with Gurumayi? That’s the underclass and the people who really need protection from religious discrimination.

  • Miles Hoffman

    So now he’s an atheist? Lol

  • bobby56

    To think I was starting to drink his kool aide. What a piece of shit he is. Poop Frances

  • Allie

    Can someone explain to me how this is worse than when he compared trans people to nuclear weapons and said we should commit suicide instead of transitioning?

  • David Desio

    Have any of you read the actual statement released by the Vatican? Also a private audience with the pope equates to nothing more than a handshake and photo op. That’s been the norm for ever popes visit. Guaranteed that she wasn’t the only person there. Usually it’s 20-40 people that get a “private” audience.

  • dwes09

    @Vincent Martinez:
    you say, oddly” “Stupid stupid comments. You queens are bitter, bitter people. No compassion, ugly, ugly hearts!
    Yes, I am gay, CATHOLIC & PROUD!!!
    I embrace my pope and my religion, no its not perfect, but neither are your SIMPLE SPOILED ATTITUDES! LITTLE BABIED, KICKING YOUR FEET ON THE FLOOR!!!#”

    Seems to me the one with the ugly heart is you. Is it really that easy to hate yourself so much that you accept slavishly the idea that you are “intrinsically morally disordered”?
    Are you so filled with self hatred that when a man (who has lived a sheltered life, dismisses his human, sexual nature as dirty and anti-spiritual, and casually denigrates the humanity of both gay people and all women) tells you you are not worthy of happiness or legal protection for your relationships, estate or family, you kiss his ass for the insult?

    You are the one with the simple attitude! You are so “little babied” that you refuse to leat your brain or heart be heard, preferring to swallow the bitter scum of outmoded, destructive Catholic dogma!

  • dwes09

    @Allie: Wasn’t aware he had said that! If true, it is undeniably worse than meeting with Kim Davis!

  • dwes09

    @durable13: The Vatican has corroborated both the fact of the meeting and that the pope said what Davis says he did. His comments about her actions being morally correct are true.

  • Wolfwalk

    Give the man a break. He was doing the Christian thing. After all, Jesus met prostitutes, thieves and other low-life scum. We have only her word that he encouraged her and we know that her word is worth less than shit. Doesn’t it strike anyone as odd, to say the least, that someone who belongs to a church which teaches that the Catholic Church is the great whore of Babylon and its popes are next of kin the antichrist would be so openly embracing her spiritual mortal enemy? Just makes me think that there’s more of Machiavelli in Davis than Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Besides, he’s shown more compassion for the people in his two and a half years as pope than any Pope since Pope John XXIII . Give him time to evolve. We gave Obama that courtesy, didn’t we

  • Patricia Reitsma

    Who paid for her trip to DC? How far in advance was this meeting planned? Follow the money.

  • oldbrit

    The Pope is nothing but a hateful bigot who is a very skilled propagandist.

    His sole mission is to rehabilitate the reputation of the Roman Catholic Church so that Bishops, Cardinals, and Priests will have undeserved credibility when they use the power of the church to crush gays, women, universal healthcare, etc.

    Please note that the pope is still protecting indicted clergy such as Cardinal Law by refusing to allow him to be extradited to the USA for prosecution.

    The pope also met with the nuns who are suing the federal government over Obamacare.

    The pope met with Kim Davis to give aid and comfort to her hate-filled agenda.

    He’s just like the Republicans and their “compassionate” conservatism – which is nothing more than code for “bend and over we’ll use Vaseline when we screw you.”

    I liked the Nazi Pope better. At least he was honest enough that you knew where you stood with him.

  • oldbrit

    @dwes09: Here! Here! Thank you for set the self-loathing butt-boys for bigots who can’t tear themselves away from the catholic church or the Repugnant Republican Party.

  • John Sullivan

    A little strong reaction for a short meeting. He met with criminals, radical communist oppressive regimes, conservatives, liberals, students, disabled. A little strong.

  • Lindy-Lou Nicholson

    I think that this is a difficult and slightly unfair topic on which to judge the Pope, and think that he should be judged on all topics in general, and in comparison to other Popes.
    I doubt that a Pope is ever going to agree to the marriage of same-sex couples – the Scriptural evidence for/against homosexuality is just far to ambiguous. Therefore whilst he cannot condone marriage/sexual relations he has publicly and explicitly spoken about accepting gay people that come to God.

    That said, i am saddened to hear that he met with Kim Davis as it will be seen as a public endorsement of her stance. It is a stance with which i would fully expect him to agree, but which i would expect him to refrain from stepping into a Nations political arena about, especially when her own scripturally moral character is so dodgy.

  • oldbrit

    @QueerTree: I thought this important enough to simply repeat it:

    “The Ali Forney Center requested to meet with this creep to introduce him to the homeless lgbt youth who’ve been rejected by Catholic dogma. They were turned down. Yet this POS gets his attention and praise.

    I had begun to warm up to this loathesome Dope, who like the child rapists he represents manages to get you to let your guard down then fucks you up. In the past I’ve given a pass to catholics and tried to separate my revulsion for their church from their faith. But no more. This bastard has thrown down the gauntlet and definitively proven that anyone who supports this evil is an enemy to lgbt people. If they give money to this hate group it doesn’t matter how much they claim to be allies.”

  • Zombie_Killer

    Does someone know about the process of being ex-communicated from the evil Catholic church?

    If so, please let me know.

  • Celtic

    Frankly, I was skeptical of Francis from the beginning. He is two-faced, as is so much of the Roman Catholic Clergy throughout the world. They are institutional deists pretending to be followers of Jesus of Nazareth who became The Anointed. The Vatican and the Roman Church as a whole are rife with subterfuge, theocratic thuggery and moral duplicity. The pope’s act with Davis was a subtle signal to the fundamental Christian Protestant right that the Roman Church will do business with them. As a studied Christian Theologian who is ordained, I see them for what they really are: Evil.

  • mauikamaaina

    Initially, I liked Pope Francis. Then I gradually realized that he was a
    slick, snake oil salesman, and liked him less and less the more he
    revealed his true self. The meeting with Kim Davis, and his
    encouragement of her anti-gay marriage stance seals my dislike for and
    distrust of him. Now, some say, “Fuck the Pope!” Huzzah!

  • Kevan1

    So behind in his thinking and understanding. SAD.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    Scalia. The rascal.

  • Ogre Magi

    Why would anyone expect any different from the head of the catholic church?

  • Giancarlo85

    @Vincent Martinez: People like you are the exact fucking reason why people run away from the church in droves. Even in South America, younger people aren’t paying two shits to what the Catholic Church says anymore. In Argentina, less than 20% of the population is actually practicing Catholic.

    I just can’t believe how stupid some people are defending this man. You don’t even quite understand his past. You think he’s a “liberal” Pope? He’s a conservative and comes from a conservative background in Argentina. He had direct ties and contact with various military generals during the junta. Mr Denial Asshat Aliengod will deny that but the writing is on the wall.

    I didn’t like this guy from day one and I wasn’t fooled.

  • animaux

    @Lindy-Lou Nicholson: ” Therefore whilst he cannot condone marriage/sexual relations he has publicly and explicitly spoken about accepting gay people that come to God. ”

    Only if they reject homosexuality.

  • tjr101

    I must admit, this pope is shrewd. He knows how to play the media and modern society. I’ve spoken to some young non-practicing catholics like myself who really like this pope. They like how he has a non-judgemental, humble aura and open to protecting the environment. What they fail to realize is that at the very core of things he is no different from his predecessors, he’s all window dressing.
    I don’t think my opinion of anyone has ever changed as dramatically as it has for this pope.

  • Patrick Morgan

    Having attended an audience with JPII, I sincerely doubt that Francesco had any idea with whom he was meeting. Those audiences are like a cattle call. See the article I right before this message.

  • Ruhlmann

    @Phillip Donkin: Most protestant and evangelicals believe the Roman Catholic church is the “harlot/whore of Babylon church” mentioned in their book of spells and incantations.

    Revelation 17, Ezekiel 16:26-32

  • Robert1023

    I’m a 52 year young man who was sexually abused at 12 years of age by a Catholic priest. Needless to say throughout my life I’ve had many issues with the Catholic Church. In the past I’ve made several short lived attempts to reconcile. This past week was a huge stepping stone in once again feeling open to making some amends. I must admit my emotions got the best of me when watching all the media coverage….I was beginning to feel something positive. Unfortunately the bubble burst in a very harsh way. I feel the hands upon my 12 year old body once again triggering shame, confusion and pain. I like to believe I’m wiser now and can work through most things but the wounds of the 12 year old me are fresh once again. I’m so disappointed in myself for forgetting that wolves do ware sheep’s clothing.

  • Donna Balser

    And Catholic priests will still molest little boys…..

  • fingertrouble

    @Daniel Salmeron: sadly it’s not one action…he’s been saying anti-LGBTQ stuff for years. It’s just people choose to look the other way, to just read the headlines and not all what he says.

  • Terry Rachel

    Kim Davis is right, and so we all are. She stood her ground and we shall continue to do the same. Faith is personal, as is Agonisticism, as is Atheism, and so and so by the towing of the line.

  • BornSerious

    Was I surprised that the Advocate chose the pope for Man of the Year? Yes! Was I surprised that anyone would believe anything a bishop, cardinal, or pope says that hints of progressive thought? Well, yes and no. Yes, that anyone is still that gullible about the church I left long ago, and no, that some “gay Catholics” continue sadly to hope for change from this theocracy. I am waiting for the day when I can read this headline: Gay Catholics Wake Up, Smell Coffee, and Exit Church!

  • Ross D Frankel

    This Pope is quite a disappointment. “Kinder and gentler” than the Nazi pope, but acts almost as badly.

  • BornSerious

    @Zombie_Killer: Not sure what you want. If you want to leave “officially”, I know because I did it. You must write a letter to your local archbishop (not local priest), stating that you are renouncing your Catholicism. Adding why will clarify your position.

    After the child abuse scandal (I’m a survivor), I decided I’d had enough. I renounced the church to Cardinal Law in Boston and wrote that I thought the church was evil and did not represent Christ. I wrote that I hoped I would be worthy of what Christ has in store for me in my life. This was important to me: to renounce the Catholic Church but not my belief in Christ. Nobody tells me what to believe anymore; I make up my own mind.

  • Donald Attanas

    We have been betrayed… as you can see by my Peter Meter… I am disgusted!

  • KerryB

    Why is this a surprise to anyone, the Catholic Church is the CULT OF HYPOCRISY!

  • Harry McNicholas

    Write him off and forget him. The Catholic church will never change. It has never been kind to apostates and heretics so why should it be to LGBT people.

  • fireman452

    SO many faces, so many sides to a mouth, how can ANYONE keep track, I mean really, do you think I am divine or something? – I just want everyone to like me so I will say ANYTHING even things like “who am I to judge?” which clearly everyone knows as god’s messenger here on earth I AM his judge jury and executioner – VIVA Torquemada!!!!

  • Arcamenel

    Is anyone really surprised…really? I’m sure hating gay marriage is like a pre-requisite to be the pope.

  • AWG3126

    @Jerry Green: Steve Green, if you are looking for a church, the closest MCC church is waiting for you. It is a church founded by a Catholic priest who was gay and felt the church was out of tune with the realities of being gay and being Christian.

    You will find the services, with the sacrament being a central part of the service will well suit your need as a lapsed Catholic. Welcome to MCC.

    In FL, I attend St John the Apostle MCC in Ft Myers FL. http://www.sjamcc.com

    We are a Christian church who does not turn away anyone for their sexual identity, or any other reason. God loves ALL of His children.

    I hope you will give it a try.

  • AWG3126

    Jerry Green, please forgive me. I thought you were a Steve!!! Just goes to prove that none of us are perfect, yet we are all children of God.

    God bless you and may you find your answer and fulfill your spiritual need in the MCC church nearest to you.

  • blackhook

    This strange old man just proved how strange he really is …and let’s never forget that he presides over one of the most hateful, strange & harmful organizations ever created by man.

    Through the centuries, the Catholic Criminal Empire has gotten away with far too much …burning non-believers at the stake, molesting 1000’s of children …and now—in the 21st century!—its hospitals & clinics are merging with or taking over secular hospitals, and subsequently denying contraception services to women. It is beyond shameful. Good riddance to bad trash!

    Imagine no religion…it’s easy if you try.

  • silveroracle

    I’ve said it before and I will say it again.
    Religion rears its ugly head!

  • Jeff Harsha

    Sadly, I do agree. I had hoped he was different, but now I know better

  • leonard1008

    I generally like this website, but this particular article is un-informed and poorly thought it.

    “The pope knew what he was doing when he met with Davis.”

    That’s simply an absurd claim to make. Not only is there no evidence I’m aware of to support that claim, but the writer of the article doesn’t even pretend to have any. This approach would fail a college 101 writing course requirement to back up claims with evidence.

    This Pope has enemies. And he was surrounded by those enemies here in the USA. There are a lot of conservatives in the Catholic faith. Many of them do not even recognize this Pope as legitimate and they want to harm him. That’s very likely what they did by arranging for him to meet with Kim Davis. And by writing this article in such an angry manner, Queerty has played directly into the hands of the Pope’s enemies. They wanted you to have a knee-jerk reaction, and you did. They wanted to make the Pope look bad. And you’re helping them. This article basically aids and abets the most conservative elements of the Catholic church while undercutting support for the more liberal elements represented by Pope Francis.

    All it takes is about one or two minutes on Google to come up with a whole lot of stories of how the Pope was likely tricked into meeting Kim Davis. Here’s one example:


    Do a little more research next time before publishing an attack against your potential allies!

  • Evji108

    The Pope was here to do a job. His job is to push the Catholic church agenda and to look as pleasant and amiable as possible while doing it. Make no mistake, they didn’t go to all the work to dump Pope Benedict to liberalize the Church, they did it to put a kind face on their policies and to develop good public relations after the PR disaster that was cranky-pants Benedict. Pope Francis himself may or may not be a nice man, but know for sure that his loyalty is absolutely to the Church and the powers inside the church that put him forth as the new Pope . If you think otherwise, you are being naive.

  • MrEguy

    How do you like His Holyasz now?

  • Sebizzar

    I’m glad the truth came out. I always took what he said with a grain of salt, like come on he’s a pope, since when will they ever be on “our” side.

  • Giancarlo85

    @leonard1008: Your argument would fail in a college 101 class. Not only have you failed to provide any of your own evidence, you didn’t really point out anything wrong in the article.

    “This article basically aids and abets the most conservative elements of the Catholic church while undercutting support for the more liberal elements represented by Pope Francis. ”

    This is utter nonsense. I just showed you how Pope Francis is actually more conservative than you think. He isn’t a liberal. I’ve showed you and posted numerous articles on this site demonstrating his strong conservative beliefs. I showed you an article showing his strong opposition to Cristina Fernandez’s government in their moves to legalize same sex marriage.

    Potential allies? Please stop being intellectually lazy. Go back to the articles I posted and read them, if you don’t like that Huffington Post article.

  • aldanzion

    Any LGBT person who believes the Roman Catholic Church will ever change to welcome us in as Christians is deluded. After all its called Roman with good reason. Emperor Constantine convened his Council of Nicaea in about 327 AD to codify the churches belief system.
    It is a society of Male Power. Women were relegated to secondary roles as Nuns.
    It was and is all about Money and Control using the Persona of Jesus as its spear-point. Basically they co-opted the Life and Message of Jesus the human being and elevated Him to Divine Status, with themselves as the sole owners of his message.
    It is a created by man Church. As are they all.
    We need to stop kidding ourselves that Christianity is our Friend. Not to say that
    Jesus couldn’t be on our side, but the church that was created in his name, is no more our friend , than it was to the Jews, in the War. There is only one creator and you need not be a member of any so called Church to be in spiritual
    peace with that.I have always felt that Gay folks are and always were a higher
    order of Angels..than our hetero co parts on earth. We are if you think about it,
    a whole different breed of Human. Without us, they would have no Art, music, poetry, and all of the things that make human life …. human. We need not seek God’s blessings through their Churches,,, Creator has given us the Gifts we have
    freely and we are touched with the Divine in our very different Being-ness. We are the lucky ones to be Gay. They know that…its been their eternal jealousy since time. We need to stop trying so hard to be accepted by them because that is never going to happen . When we accept ourselves and build up our own existences…that will be enough. The only things they accept in us are our money and potential talents to make them money. When we excel and prosper..they will come to us…and that is as it should be. For we are a Higher Order of Angels.

  • Giancarlo85

    If anybody considers this Pope to be an ally and “liberal” I ask you to provide proof for your claim. I showed how this Pope is not an ally and is quite conservative. He’s a conservative in sheeps clothing. I can’t believe some are so guillible in believing the facade.

  • BurleighBro

    Outstanding article. So true in every aspect. Everybody kept optimistically reading LGBT-rights into all of Pope Francis’ comments, continually overlooking some of his most fundamental statements and writings. All along, the good will towards LGBT populations that was assumed to exist was never really there. Ever …

  • leonard1008


    My point that the writer of this article did not provide evidence is specifically pointed at the one claim that the Pope knew what he was doing when he met with Kim Davis. There is no support for that and, in fact, there are a great many articles disputing that idea.

    Providing proof that the Pope is no liberal is not the same thing as providing proof that he knew what he was doing when he met with Kim Davis. That should be self evident.

    This Pope has made many good gestures towards gays and lesbians. The conservatives in his Catholic faith hate that and would love to sabotage any budding good relations between the Pope and homosexuals. You are helping the conservatives in that effort and you are thereby helping to bring harm to the LGBT community.

    Please at least attempt to approach the issue in a more thoughtful manner before publishing this kind of thing in front of a potentially large audience.

  • mdhess

    It’s past time to stop being polite. We must demand that the Pope provide us with an official apology on behalf of the Catholic Church and a promise in writing (who can trust them?) that his Church will quit engendering hatred and violence toward our community and will recognize us as a community of fully human beings. Not an apology for this latest tawdry display of intolerance or for encouraging yet another trespass onto secular society with their religious voodoo but for being the absolute historical purveyor and driver of intolerance, marginalization and violence (including murder) against us. Fundamentalists blame us for trying to redefine what they refer to as “traditional” marriage but it is Catholics (and the many Christian denominations that split from them) who are the very monsters behind excluding us from the marriage franchise in the first place. Institutionalized bigotry is, indeed, a long standing tradition.

  • Billysees


    ” The pope’s act with Davis was a subtle signal to the fundamental Christian Protestant right that the Roman Church will do business with them. ”

    That makes sense. I’ve read that Catholicism is under much competition from Pentecostals in South America.

    I see Catholicism as a ‘power for righteousness and good’ on one hand and ‘spiritual wickedness in many places’ on the other.

    I wish things were not a mixed bag all the time.

  • Alan David Smith

    i feel for the pope .he is getting from both sides. and i personally thank him. for his work. am i happy that he met with ms davis no. am i happy that he didn’t come to michigan no. but i am happy that he takes and thinks about the world as it is. and not just persue. a academic career in the vatican.

  • Transiteer

    He was anti-gay in Argentina, opposed the Governments moves there to go to Equality and protection of civil rights.
    Francis hasn’t changed at all. He’s the same ignorant hateful Catholic bastard that his predecessors were. The Catholic Church proves, once again, how irrelevant it is and why it should just fade away. Soon.

  • Billysees


    ” There is only one creator and you need not be a member of any so called Church to be in spiritual peace with that. ”

    ” We need not seek God’s blessings through their Churches,,, Creator has given us the Gifts we have freely and we are touched with the Divine in our very different Being-ness. ”

    ” When we accept ourselves and build up our own existences…that will be enough. ”

    Interesting comments.

  • Billysees


    I meant to emphasize the ‘importance’ of aldanzion’s comment —

    ” [The] Creator has given us the Gifts we have freely and we are touched with the Divine in our very different Being-ness. ”

    That’s excellent.

  • mkemilazzo

    Interestingly, the conversation between the Pontiff and the Peabrain did not address the issue, at all. It was no more than a blessing and a few words against hate. And, yes, he reiterated her right to her beliefs. That in no way means he agrees or disagrees with those beliefs.

    And therein lay my biggest problem with my fellow gay brethren: attacking anyone and everyone without first fact-checking. There are so many more challenging issues than the gay agenda…maybe some of this energy can be directed towards the millions of shelter animals put to death because of the human disregard…just yesterday, my sister, who does rescue work in god-forsaken rural NC, told me of a gay couple who threw their one-year old dog away in the shelter because it chewed their “expensive and custom-made sofa”.

    …and we call the pope a bad person.

  • Realitycheck

    Prospective, the Pope is no longer a powerful leader to be dealt with, in fact the Pope has become quite irrelevant to most people in the industrialized world, and only poor christian countries care for that old queen.

    The only People in the USA that will care about this ancient relic are the same anti gay Roman christian, nazi zealots, that will fight us to the death,
    hence it doesn’t matter what the Pope does or say, he is just a serving vestigia of old times and totally irrelevant.

    We are winning and religion is dying world wide.

  • Giancarlo85

    @leonard1008: Your lazy. I get it. You can’t even post these articles.

    Self evident? That is again a sign of laziness and having no argument. I am sorry, but it just isn’t self evident.

    Your third paragraph is nonsense. I am not helping conservatives. The Pope has said some things, but has done the opposite. I posted links showing his conservative viewpoints. I am someone who lives by evidence. You are too lazy to come up with any evidence of your own and your naive attitude is dangerous.

    I have approached this topic in a very thoughtful and logical manner. I have come to the conclusion that this Pope isn’t any ally and is highly conservative.

  • Giancarlo85

    @Giancarlo85: *You’re

    Look at it this way, you dismissed my argument outright and didn’t actually bother reading the sources I posted. Some here seem to be desperate to make this man into some sort of ally. That to me is incredibly dangerous.

  • TomOH

    Pope Francis was already talking out of both ends when he came here preaching about how we shouldn’t be so greedy and how we should care for our poor – yet the Vatican is one of the most pimped out locations on the planet. They could have fed thousands of homeless people for years for what they spent accommodating his ass during his trip here. He’s living large and telling others to not be greedy. Give me a fucking break. Practice what you preach, bitch.

  • Allie

    @dwes09: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/people/pope-francis-compares-arguments-for-transgender-rights-to-nuclear-arms-race-10061223.html here’s the nuclear weapons thing. And he didn’t say in as many words that we should commit suicide, but he did say we shouldn’t transition and for many of us, transitioning is the only thing with the possibility to prevent suicide http://www.independent.co.uk/news/people/pope-francis-compares-arguments-for-transgender-rights-to-nuclear-arms-race-10061223.html

  • Joel Bruner

    Um, a lot of you are about to feel really stupid. The Pope had no idea who Kim Davis was when she arrived in front of him in a receiving line and, as usual, Kim Davis’ view of events bears little relationship to reality.

  • Giancarlo85

    @Allie: How ridiculous his comments are. They just show ignorance. Dangerous comments he shouldn’t have made.

  • TomOH

    How hard is it for the Pope and/or his people to simply say “Yes, we met with her” – what’s with all this “I won’t confirm or deny” dancing around crap? Maybe Catholics should try that line next time they’re in confession… “Bless me father, I won’t confirm or deny that I have sinned, nor will I comment on how long it’s been since my last confession…”

    • queertyrone

      @joel bruner
      poor guy. now he was “blindsided.” the leader of the centuries old, most powerful religious institution on the face of the planet just didn’t have a clue. um, OK. ;)

      a single canon, of many, from the first Vatican Council, 1870, dogmatically defining the status and authority of the Pope in the Catholic Church:

      If anyone thus speaks, that the Roman Pontiff has only the office of inspection or direction, but not the full and supreme power of jurisdiction over the universal Church, not only in things which pertain to faith and morals, but also in those which pertain to the discipline and government of the Church spread over the whole world; or, that he possesses only the more important parts, but not the whole plenitude of this supreme power; or that this power of his is not ordinary and immediate, or over the churches altogether and individually, and over the pastors and the faithful altogether and individually: let him be anathema (a formal curse by a pope or the council of the church.

  • Juanjo

    So now the NYT and others are reporting that Kim the Adulteress and her “attorney are lying about the event. The bitch was in a reception line and got a rosary.

  • Blackceo

    So now apparently the Pope met with a same sex couple and it was the only meeting he scheduled himself ahead of his US trip and they are still saying being “misled” about Kim Davis meeting. I have a headache.

  • VivaViejo


    Yes, it’s very possible he didn’t know a damned thing about Kim Davis or her position. Do some research, you’ll find out the meeting was arranged by Archbishop Carlo Vigano who is opposed to this Pope:

    “The man is a real player within the institutional church. He first came to prominence as a whistleblower during one of the several investigations of the Vatican Bank, which may be what got him exiled to this godless Republic in the first place. Despite that fact, Vigano is well-known to be a Ratzinger loyalist and he always has been a cultural conservative, particularly on the issue of marriage equality. In April, in a move that was unprecedented, Vigano got involved with an anti-marriage equality march in Washington sponsored by the National Association For Marriage. (And, mirabile dictu, as we say around Castel Gandolfo at happy hour, one of the speakers at this rally was Mat Staver, who happens now to be Kim Davis’s lawyer.) In short, Vigano, a Ratzinger loyalist, who has been conspicuous and publicly involved in the same cause as Kim Davis and her legal team, arranges a meeting with Davis that the legal team uses to its great public advantage. Once again paraphrasing New Orleans lawyer Lamar Parmentel from The Big Easy, the Vatican is a marvelous environment for coincidence.”


    And here’s something else to read:

    Vatican Confirms Pope Met With Gay Student, His Partner In Latest Twist To Davis Saga

  • queertyrone

    possible, yes, but *highly* unlikely. forgetting for a second that Kim Davis’ anti-Gay marriage stance was international news, I seriously doubt that the Pope would be so ridiculously uninformed; particularly considering the fact that his recent tour culminated with a visit to the United States. for the head of the Catholic church, you sure don’t give the guy much intellectual credit. they do have modern news outlets/media availble inside Vatican City, wouldn’t you think?

  • hurricano

    The author and commentors have condemed the pope before even knowing all the facts. The day after this bitchy article was written (with the childish title
    No More Benefit Of The Doubt For Pope Francis — EVER!) the vatican issued a statement that they don’t want anyone to think the Vatican supports Davis.
    It’s still unclear how they met (some think maybe a bishop quickly arranged the
    30 second meeting without the Pope actually knowing who she was). Also, CNN


    reports, contrary to what the article states, that the POPE DID meet (photos and hugs) with a gay former student of the Pope’s and his husband the day before he met with Davis. I think they should update this article –if not a complete retraction. And all these judgemental bitchy commentors should be ashamed of themselves.

  • Giancarlo85

    @VivaViejo: Possible? LOL. Kim Davis is well publicized even in European media. I saw her picture on Mediaset. Mediaset is an Italian publication. The Pope is simply trying to cover up the facts. And he knew who Kim Davis was. The Pope has PR people and staff.

  • NSB2244

    Before we all go passing judgement on the Pope, people need to realize that he did not ask to meet nor invite Kim Davis. She was invited by the Vatican Ambassador along with several other people..her presence there does not mean that he endorsed her behavior..in actuality, he had met one of his former student and his partner who are openly gay..this is another attempt by the media to try to create controversy or sensationalism where there isn’t any.

    • leonard1008

      “this is another attempt by the media to try to create controversy or sensationalism where there isn’t any.”

      I think that is an aspect of the situation. But what happened here in this Queerty article is somewhat different and much worse.

      First of all, the writer of this article was completely fooled by the conservative catholics who wanted to trick people into thinking that the Pope had deliberately met Kim Davis and had agreed with her position on gay marriage. That very likely happened because it played into the pre-conceived notions of “evil” Catholics that this writer already had. But even worse is that the writer of this Queerty article then took conservative propaganda and did their dirty work for them by spreading it further through the LGBT community with this spectacularly ill-conceived and irresponsible article.

      As others in the comments have already said, Queerty.com needs to issue an update, or an outright retraction, to this embarrassment of an article!

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