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  • Jeff

    OMG yes. I don’t care how good his design was this past week, I wanted him gone because he was completely annoying.

  • dons888

    LOL! I was thinking about that too.

  • Eric

    Can’t a gay man emote? Give him a break.

  • bk

    This guy is obviously a by product of the 90s ecstasy explosion. He probably ate too much back in the rave days and is now e-tarded, having no control over his emotions and crying at every little visercal detail. Shame.

  • mozzer13

    Every time he cries at the drop of an ass-ugly hat, I want to smack him around while screaming, “I will give you something to cry about!” He makes me want to commit a hate crime.

    He also did not deserve the win this week. I don’t know what those judges were thinking because that dress could have been bought at any mall in America in 1995 at The Buckle.

  • megs

    Please Dear God, make him stop!

  • jeem

    If I were a betting man, I’d start a Ricky-crying pool: everybody chips in a few dollars and names the minute Ricky’s eyes will start welling up.

    Alternately, we work him into a drinking game: take a shot if Ricky cries (or Jillian has to scale back her plans dramatically, or Christian’s massive ego surfaces during the one-on-ones…).

  • gay as life

    His dress still looked cheap and slutty this week. I don’t care if it won.

  • l

    Hmmm… personally I do down a shot every time Christian has a diva attack. I never thought of it as a game though – more like a coping mechanism.

  • robert

    …and don’t even get me STARTED on the hats.

  • hunter

    yes. that queen needs to get auf’d. he’s sooo annoying.

  • Alexa

    His crying is so annoying, how can one person cry so often? Christian may be a diva, but at least he’s talented. Ricky’s done one semi-decent design in the last four weeks, the other three he should have gone home, but for some reason they sent more talented designers home instead. I’m still annoyed Kit went, even though her design that week sucked.

  • shaun

    really… i am waiting for Nina Garcia, fashion editor of Elle Magazine, to chuck a bottle of zoloft at him.

  • Ash

    Yes, I hate Ricky’s crying and his hats. But mostly I hate the new format of the website. What the hell?

  • mb

    It’s like a friend of mine always says, “Women in business don’t cry.” He needs to suck it up and shut up! You know Nina Garcia is just rolling her eyes everytime he starts this teary eyed crap.

  • gerry

    Sweet Pea shoulda won.

  • Alan down in Florida

    I don’t get it – a gay man designing women’s lingerie. That’s kind of like a straight female gynecologist. A waste of opportunity.

  • Byron Beck

    Make it work, people! Give me a break. Ricky is a piece of crap designer who dresses like a troll doll. His tears are actually the only thing interesting about the guy.
    In fact most of the designers left on this season have at least weird tick.
    Christian’s ego belongs at the door at Misshapes. Jillian’s whiny. Chris has bad taste in leopard print polyester shirts. Rami is hot, but only knows how to do Celine Dion party dresses. Sweet Pea acts like she’s about to crap her pants after time Tim looks at her. That said, I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! Carry on.

  • Jeff

    Alexa: “His crying is so annoying, how can one person cry so often? ”

    “I am convinced that the reason why we see Ricky wearing a hat every bleedin’ second of every Project Runway episode is because he is hiding an enormous, deformed tear gland under there. Hence all the crying, also every episode.”

  • Charles

    Ahhh, All those tears will make Ricky pee less.

    I do want Nina to bitch slap him and say “you like that don’t ya”

  • HL

    Ricky makes for a great drinking game. Take a shot every time he tears up. You are sloshed in 12 minutes.

    I have a PR drinking game.

    I though Ricky’s dress was so dull. Ugh. And Michael Kors just cooing how it looked so Amy Winehouse. If the model had eyeliner drawn on with a Sharpie I may have considered it.

  • Bob

    I wish he’d butch it up for ONCE. There are no redeeming qualities, either.
    Sweet Pea should have won.

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    Reality TV sucks almost as much as the people who blog about it. End the Writer’s Strike and bring back the sitcom so we don’t have to hate real America and the surreal world they inhabit.

  • Alacer

    OH…MY…GOD! a part of me dies everytime he cries. and when he cries twice in one episode, i just want to punch something. letting your feelings out is good and all but that twat takes it WAY overboard god damnit!

  • Phoenix

    People, people…have some compassion for the mentally ill. Clearly the worst case of manic depression I’ve ever seen. The boy needs lithiuum and therapy….and some sewing lessons. His designs are totally crap-tacular.

  • KB

    WOW, did you notice how SHORT Ricky is in the last line-up?? I didn’t notice before, but on this past episode, he only comes up to Christian’s shoulders! Seriously, he might be 5’3″ or less.

    I don’t get the crying thing. Maybe when he gets eliminated, he’ll start laughing hysterically.

  • SeaFlood

    @ Ash: Yes, I hate Ricky’s crying and his hats. But mostly I hate the new format of the website. What the hell?

    I SO agree with your comment!!!!!

    I don’t mind his crying as much as I mind his STOOPID hats.

  • Gay as life

    Sweet Pea clearly should have won, but didn’t because of the Levi’s merchandising tie in. Ah, corporate America at its finest.

  • Grayson

    Sweet P was certainly the best. Someone finally listens to Tim Gunn! Thank God for small favors. And Rikki needs to GIVE IT A FUCKING REST with those GD tears. That is one weepy bitch. He should get Auf’d immediately…if not sooner.

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