"2day there is no deal"

No MSNBC For Rosie

Bill O’Reilly can breathe a little easier today. Lesbian entertainer Rosie O’Donnell will not be setting up shop in a competitive MSNBC time slot. Says the ever-poetic O’Donnell:

we were close to a deal
almost done
i let it slip in miami
causing panic on the studio end

what can u do

2day there is no deal
my career as a pundit is over
b4 it began

Boo! We may not love Rosie, but her prime time presence would have made great television. And, of course, pissed off Bill O’Reilly, which really would have made any outlandish requests well worth it.

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  • Rt. Rev. Dr. RES

    I love Rosie and her entire family. I realise that she is a penultimate stereotypic Brooklynite, but that is part of who she is.

    Who she is – for her supporters which our family counts as such – is about making gay and lesbian families learn to know each other and form bonds and other programmes to make our children feel healthy and proud of their own families.

    In my opinion, Mr. O’Liely is despicable and has tried to make disingenuity a virtue to be praised.
    In other words, I believe that he is a god damned liar who makes physical violence possible from his words of hate and bigotry.

  • TJ

    Rosie would have done a wonderful job. Her ability to talk up the important subject make her a valuable member of our community. Bless you Rosie, and keep on talkin’ in up!

  • ohmemercylard

    I love Rosie, even though I get why she bugs so many others. Where does she state her fondness for Keith Olbermann?

    Hope that’s not a joke, because Keith is the greatest thing in TV news at this moment. Whether he proves to be our next Edward R. Morrow, he’s got no competition so far. Wish he had free rein for the whole hour, and could avoid so much Britney.

    I fear Rosie would also run into similar conflicts with GE when she wanted to devote an entire hour to one of her heartfelt pet projects; she has a big heart, which makes it tough for her to come to terms w/corporate thinking. Still, I’d really like to see her back on TV.

    Remember, though, MSNBC gave a progressive-voice hour to Mr. Marlo Thomas, and that was a huge bomb.

    Where IS this liberal bias in the media? Holmes?

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