Mother Calls For Hate Crime Legislation

No “Murder” In Gay Death Trial

There’s some judicial drama surrounding 20-year old. Sean Kennedy’s May 16th death. A grand jury has reduced accused killer Andrew Holler’s murder rap to involuntarily manslaughter. And Kennedy’s mother ain’t happy.

I feel like my son has been murdered again.

There’s not justice for Sean, and this position makes it very clear that we need hate crime laws in South Carolina and in this nation. We need to make sure that nothing like this will ever happen to any one of our children or citizen.

While there will probably be more hate crimes, President Bush could sign the recently-passed federal hate crime laws to protect citizens. Will he do that? Probably not. Why? Because he’s relevant. During a press conference yesterday, dear old Bush told reporters he vetoes bills because “[It’s] one way to ensure that I am relevant; that’s one way to ensure that I am in the process. And I intend to use the veto.”

With regard to the Holleran’s trial, we’re not sure whether we’re as enraged as Mrs. Kennedy. Did Holleran intend for Kennedy to die. Doubtful. Should he be tried for murder, then?