No Offense, But NOM’s New Marriage Ad Isn’t Just Bad, It’s Boring

And here it is! No offense, but the National Organization for Marriage continues pulling from its deep pockets to deliver a campaign of scare tactics and outright lies about same-sex marriage. NOM’s new spot features Carrie Prejean, the new Pretty Young Thing that’s become the face of opposite marriage. And she has co-stars! Perez Hilton! Joe Solmonese! And new scary arguments, like how gay marriage advocates call the opposition “bigots.” Um, because they are?

But the real tragedy over NOM’s new “No Offense” ad? It’s boring! Sure, it’s got the doom-and-gloom factor the original “Gathering Storm” ad featured. But where’s the CGI? The special effects? Are we really just going to splice video clips together, throw in a voice over, and call it a day? Maggie Gallagher, we expect more from you!