Plan B

No On 8 Organizers Banished From 2010/2012 Effort


As gay activist organizations prepare themselves for California’s Supreme Court to turn a blind eye to equality and let Prop 8 stand, they’re preparing next steps. (THANK THE LORD!) But the big question is whether to make a move to put the issue in front of voters during the 2010 election, when folks like Gavin Newsom and Meg Whitman will face off in the gubernatorial race, or wait until 2012, when organizers expect a surge of pro-gay-leaning Democrats to hit the polls because it’s a presidential election year. As for who’s steering the next Prop 8 fight? Your worries that the same folks who, many argue, bungled the original effort should be put to ease. Courage Campaign chairman Rick Jacobs: “People are not going to let the people who ran the last campaign run this campaign. … This time, we’re going to make it clear you’re talking about real people.”