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No One Came To the Aid of Victims of Portland, OR, Hate Crime

There’s nothing funny or sexy about this post, but we thought it important to pass along. If you can help please contact the crime stoppers information below.

The Advocate reports that police and crime stoppers in Portland, OR, are seeking information about a violent hate crime that occurred on May 22 near Portland’s Hawthorne Bridge. What’s particularly unfortunate about all of this is that despite the fact that the attack lasted for about a minute, no one came to help, yelled “stop, or even called 911. After the attack, the bloodied victims, Brad Forkner, 23, and Christopher Rosevear, 25, went to seek help and passed a couple walking there dog who said nothing.

The Advocate writes:

According to police, the three suspects, who are in their 20s, are about 5-foot-11, and all were wearing hooded sweatshirts — one blue, one brown, the other white or cream. Forkner and Rosevear said the suspects spoke in an Eastern European language.

The police are looking for any information or tips. Crime Stoppers is offering a reward up to $1,000 for any tips reported to them that lead to an arrest. Call Crime Stoppers at (503) 823-HELP (4357); reach them online; or text CRIMES (274637) with 823HELP in the subject line.

Image via The Advocate

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  • Kev C

    This is actually a very typical gay bashing. The time, location and duration are fairly typical. The damage is typical, and the witness behavior is very typical. The only atypical element is the eastern europeon language.

    Typically, the perps are probably neighborhood residents and live within a few miles of the attack. Typically, they would be running homeward (southbound).

    Hopefully a witness will want the $1000 reward.

  • christopher di spirito

    A year ago, in Austin, the so-called “liberal island of Texas” a similar gay bashing took place. A pick-up truck of good ole’ boys beat a gay couple downtown and despite hundreds roaming around the street, no one came to their defense. In fact, people reportedly laughed.

    I’m at an age where calls for tolerance meetings, wearing whistles and Krav Maga classes just don’t resonate. If LGBT Americans aren’t safe to go for a walk in this fucking country then I say we should be armed. Trained, legal and armed. Oh snap, he said it.

  • Vinci S.

    If we’re all trained, we don’t need to armed.

  • Vinci S.

    to be armed.

  • rodca

    A week later the community showed awesome support for the couple. It’s just too bad some some of these folks were not there when it happened to lend a hand…

    Hands Across Hawthorne

  • Michael

    The best defense is a good offense. At some point, one of us needs to be able to go from defending ourselves when attacked to beating the living shit out of our attacker.

  • Geoff B

    This is why concealed carry is so importent. As soon as these fucking asshole gay bashers realize screwing with us is the least safe thing they can do, they’ll think twice.

  • Puck

    Which is why when i go out i always carre a stun gun with me.

    I dont believe in violence, but i do believe in protecting oneself.

  • Cam

    It’s not overly surprising, Portland is a pretty city, but not the most friendly place in the world.

  • evilqueen

    Forget training in martial arts. No matter how good you may be, someone else is always better. Forget those Bruce Lee movies, too; if you have multiple attackers, you are going to get hurt. Gun control only empowers fag and trans bashers. Every LGBTQ a .357!

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    I’m glad to see so many in the LGBTQ community are finally waking up to their second amendment right. In every state where concealed carry laws have been enacted, attacks have decreased. All to will take is one angry queer pulling a gun on an attacker, and these attacks will decrease.

  • Vinci S.

    nope evil queen. My guess is that most gay bashers are no where even close to the likes of Bruce Lee. You unfortunately give them way too much credit. Guns are not the answer.

  • j

    i dont know why its getting made out like people didnt intervene based on homophobia. People dont intervene in street attacks full stop. Wo in their right mind is gonna confront three violent males acting in concert? Stop feeling sorry for yourselves about every liuttle thing. In this instance, the gay couple were treated with exact equality – witnesses did as little for them as they do for everyone else who gets jumped

  • Mimi

    Agree with j. Also you all need to grow some balls. Seen footage of some of these attacks and the guy literally just lets it happen. No attempt to defend self or fight back, nothing. Seriously consider growing some effing balls.

  • smacr

    I am so glad I live in Canada and not anywhere in the United States!
    Your proposed solution of carrying a concealed weapon scares me even more than the potential for getting bashed by a hater.
    I’d rather take my chances with my feet (running away) or fists if cornered.
    I feel that my chances of ending up dead go up if I’m carrying a deadly weapon.

  • Kev C

    @j: No one intervened after the attackers fled and they sought help. It often happens with gay bashings. Most people don’t get involved.

    @smacr: “I feel that my chances of ending up dead go up if I’m carrying a deadly weapon.”

    If you do carry a weapon, know how to use it and don’t hesitate to use it. Often times, the mere brandishing of a weapon is sufficient deterrent. Even the act of reaching into a pocket (done for show) with no weapon has deterred hostility.

  • Queer Supremacist

    Gay hoplophobia strengthens homophobia.

    I own a Swiss Army knife for a reason. I will own at least one handgun before I die, which I intend to be from old age. Any openly gay man or woman without a gun is a moving target for a breeder.

    I don’t necessarily advocate throwing the first punch. I DO advocate throwing the last.

  • Daine

    We need to stop crying about being attacked and start fighting back. The bullies go after what they perceive to be the weakest and unless we start to defend ourselves, this will continue.

  • evilqueen

    @Vinci S.: You didn’t read my comment correctly. I was saying (oh my god, that I have to explain this!) that Bruce Lee movies are crap when they show Bruce taking on eight or more guys and beating the crap out of them with superfast kata. My point was that when you are outnumbered by multiple attackers, you will not be able to fend them all off like Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan do in their well-rehearsed, tightly-choreographed and written-so-that-the-hero wins-every-time script, in fact, YOU WILL GET HURT! I did not at any point imply gay bashers were Bruce Lee like. Where did you get that idea? Perhaps you were in such a hurry to knee jerk the anti-gun message you stumbled over the words to get to the reply button. If arming ourselves is not the answer, what is? A candle light vigil?

  • evilqueen

    Now check this out, from the obituary of the dearly departed and Holy Assunta Femina:
    “She became the butt of taunts and threats from redneck men in rural Oregon because of her feminine appearance. But her tormentors always backed off, sensing on some level that she was not someone to mess with. They were right. Tucked away in her colorfully knitted Guatemalan handbag, next to her favorite rosary, she carried a big handgun.”
    Now, I wonder if they would have backed off if she run away or used her fists? You know the answer.

    Here is the link:

  • perry

    smells like victim blaming.

    When women are instructed to “carry their keys between their fingers” in order to ward off possible rape attacks, subconsciously the idea is being communicated that they are responsible for preventing rape. The truth is that rape won’t stop happening until rapists stop raping. By insinuating that it was the victim’s responsibility to prevent themselves from getting hurt by fighting back, you are insinuating the same thing..

  • Guillermo3

    @Vinci S.: Vince!,Vinci S.:Thanks !! Gun Worship & it’s resulting tragedies,like intolerant puritanism,racism,and homophobia is one of the manias that keep this country fucked-up.

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