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  • Rock

    Obama is overexposed. People just get sick of having the same people shoved down their throats constantly.

  • Dom

    Of course, no one seems to mention that perhaps people aren’t buying the magazine because Bushtard and his flying monkeys have fucked up the economy so much that the average person (you know, the ones that can’t put 500K on their credit cards like Cindy McCain) are saving their money for those unnecessary luxury items like milk, bread, gas, etc.) Oprah’s magazine is down 16.4%; I guess that means she better take a job at the 7/11 because her career is through now. I wonder how many copies People Magazine would sell if McCain and his druggie wife were on the cover? Maybe shoppers would buy it to replace the toilet paper they can’t afford anymore due to the Bush/McCain/Phil Gramm economy. But then, maybe I’m just a “whiner”.

  • Woof

    Nope you are spot on Dom.

  • Trenton

    If that were entirely accurate, The New Yorker wouldn’t have sold record numbers of its own very special Obama cover…

  • emb

    Or possibly People-buyers prefer Ms Spears or Ms Lohan or a spandex-clad superhero to, well, Reality? If they wanted stories about politicians, they’d buy Newsweek.

  • Adam

    Something tells me “People” readers aren’t exactly Obama’s base…

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