No Rim Shot For Huckabee’s Obama Assassination Joke

Not even the National Rifle Association could muster up a giggle when Republican Mike Huckabee cracked a joke about someone taking a shot at Barack Obama, a man who has received death threats. Better luck next time, Huck!

The remark comes at about the one minute mark. Feel free to fast forward.

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  • Bitch Republic

    WOW! I can’t believe he just made that joke. That is really awful.

  • Kid A

    I guess that joke kinda contradicts the whole message that precedes it, huh?

  • steve

    what a good christian man


  • fredo777

    The sad thing is, some people did laugh at that joke. You can clearly hear them in the background.

    I’m so sorry that he is no longer going to be in the race for Pres.


  • reversion

    I would like self-governance. After looking in my own heart for what is right and wrong, I’ve decided I’d like the right to marry (or not) the man of my dreams.

  • Tegucigalpa Todd

    The fact that this twat won the Iowa caucuses and 6 or 7 other states is absolutely frightening. He is an absolutely clueless troll. And he got more than a few giggles…scarier still.

  • Mr C

    I am in SHOCK and AWE.
    I guess if he was traveling with McCain that’s now over, Then again what will John remember.

    Those Southern Baptists Ministers do it every time.

  • dfrw

    Why are you shocked? This is an example of the oh so loving Christianity.

  • Tom

    This guy was the scariest persidential candidate of all. Behind that “aw shucks” preacher turned politician mask, there lurked a morality fascist. Here, Huckabee felt comfortable giving us a small peek behind that mask because he was amongst “friends.” And he is still in consideration for McCrazy’s VP.

    Expect more of these type of comments from the fringe/extreme right to come throughout the election and even more of this crap if Obama wins.

  • Rock

    This guy sets off my gaydar big-time.


  • CitizenGeek

    Mike Huckabee is an idiot. Anyone that would make a ‘joke’ like that is an idiot.

  • M Shane

    How fucked up must this county be! H e was in a white supremacist group before too. Talk about bonyfied all -American.insanity. This shitis scary.

  • Charley

    Time for a campus crazy student with an AK47 to open fire on a convention of NRA’s. Just to send a political message. lol

  • Jesse

    You guys should move to another country that doesnt support protecting yourself or your family. How about communist china.
    (they dont have religious freedom either so your lack of morals would be welcome there)

  • Jesse

    owe ya. lol.

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