No Sicko Gay Equality In God’s Land, Says Ohio Politico

Gay equality has no place in Christian America.

That’s what Ohio Representative Jeff Wagner thinks, at least. And, like a fool, Wagner spelled it all out in an email to a constituent who asked about the Buckeye State’s Equal Housing and Employment Act, which is currently being debated in the house.

Writes Wagner, illiterately:

[T]his is a dangerous and misguided bill. The bill is not really about people being denied rights to basic needs, but it is about promoting acceptance of an immoral lifestyle. As much as some people would have us to believe otherwise, this country was founded on Christian principles. One of those long honored principles is the tradition of holy matrimony. One man and one woman joined together in a union that goes as far back as Adam and Eve. As our society has gotten further from that standard (not just homosexuality, but easy divorce, cheating on a spouse, etc.) we see a continued collapse of the basic building block of society the family unit.

As that traditional family erodes, we see more sexually transmitted diseases, kids without parents, heartbroken people and I believe a host of mental and physical illnesses…rest assured I can not support a bill in any way promotes or encourages the homosexual lifestyle.

Good thing there are men like Wagner to stop the gays, who have apparently caused every social calamity since the beginning of time. We’re such klutzes!

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  • Bob R

    Wow, this troglodyte makes me embarrassed that I live in Ohio. I’ve only been in this state just over a year and I’ve never heard of this bozo. But, I’m sure there are many more like him. I hope that soon they’ll face extinction.

  • James Figueiredo

    Maybe it’s just me, but this guy’s face SCREAMS “closet case”…lol
    I’m sure that, a year from now, we’ll be reading about how he got caught in a cheap motel room somewhere with a rentboy or soliciting in a public bathroom…

  • Paul

    You have got to be kidding. Talk about family unit. Since most gay men who are in a relationship adopt children that are generally considered “unwanted” in standards set by heterosexual couples looking to adopt, we (gay parents) are creating a family unit for these children. Who grow up and become productive members in society.
    You’re a nut job

  • fredo777

    “heartbroken people…”

    You hear that, gays?

    You’re breaking America’s little heart.

    For shame.

  • Rick

    ten to one he is either a closet cocksucker, and adulterer or had sex before marriage.

  • Rick

    thast should have been an adulterer. bet he beats his wife and kids too.

  • Olive Yurdich

    I once pulled out of his mouth right before shooting my load and it got in his moustache. He was all pissed, because he immediately tried to wash it out with water but it turned to that rubber cement consistency (as jiz will do in water). So then he tried to comb it out, and it kept pulling the hairs and hurting his lip. I told him that’s what he gets for having such a silly moustache. I then paid him $50 and he went on his way.

  • michael

    Give it time boys, he will be caught in some airport bathroom or his rent boy will out him soon enough, its the age of aquarius and all things hidden will be revealed.

  • Andy

    The vast majority of the apparatchiks of apartheid had moustaches like that, a fact immortalized in James Phillips’s lovely hymn to Pretoria, ‘Snor City’ [snor = moustache]. When South Africa was liberated in 1994, such moustaches were declared illegal, to general rejoicing and dancing in the streets.

  • Vinman

    Gay face from the 70’s.

  • Wagner constituent

    Sadly, I am one of the bastard’s constituents. Wagner’s dad was prosecuted for felony kiddy diddling in Seneca County Common Pleas Court, about 15 years ago, and I believe it involved an underaged boy. Unfortunately, Wagner’s dad was found not guilty (which does not mean he was “innocent” but meant that the Prosecutor could not prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt). Since he was entitled to have the record sealed because of the “Not Guilty” verdict, the courthouse was wiped clean of all references to the case within the next week.

    So, there you have it.

    Does anyone have Dr. Freud’s phone number?

    (By the way, I hope all who were offended will come to Seneca, Sandusky and Ottawa Counties this year to help campaign against Wagner, and that you will donate heavily to his opponent!!!)

  • Scott

    God loves him anyway.

  • dorothy brewster

    i can not belive if you write some againt being queer i am telling you no mainer is going for that take these funge packers in put them where they belong on a nice island where they can fudge oor tonuge excise where we dont have to hear it

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