No Suspects Yet In Horrific Hate-Crime Attack Against Nebraska Lesbian

Early Sunday morning, a quiet neighborhood in Lincoln, Nebraska, was startled by the appearance of police cars, responding to a vicious attack on a lesbian in which the assailants carved anti-gay slurs into her skin and tried to light her house on fire.

The 33-year-old woman, whose name is being kept private, was attacked by three masked men who broke into her home and tied her up before cutting her all over her body. They also poured gasoline on the floor and lit it with a match, according to reports.
The victim was able to crawl free from her home, naked and bleeding, and reach a neighbor for help.

Police are investigating the incident as a hate crime, but are keeping details out of the press to avoid tainting the investigation.  “We don’t want to provide too many details,” said a spokeswoman for the Lincoln Police Department.A vigil held in the woman’s honor drew hundreds, with many holding candles and waving rainbow flags.

“Hate crimes are despicable and appalling to me and to all Lincoln residents,” said Mayor Chris Beutler. “Lincoln strives to be a community that embraces tolerance and equality. We stand united with our gay and lesbian citizens in denouncing violence directed at any group.”

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  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    What the fuck is going on in your country? You’re turning into a third world nation.
    These assholes can’t kill black people to exercise their hatred of Obama, so they’re going after us.

    Until gay Americans star killing their attackers, it won’t stop, and will only get worse.

  • Andy

    OK people, don’t feed the troll. That is all.

  • Ruhlmann

    @Andy: Actually if this woman had been able to shotgun blast out their intestines it might make others think twice. There were three men against a woman asleep and alone. They tied her up, CARVED slurs into her skin and torched her house while she was in it. Aren’t you angry yet?
    A lone basher is rare, it is almost always a group who goad each other on to commit ever increasing brutality. Also dead redneck attakers are just plain fun.

  • CupCake

    This poor woman is in deep emotional and physical pain.

    She has my prayers.

    Sad incident……….I’ll wait for more details.

  • Ron Orf

    This reeks of fake.

  • funsnowfall

    It’s my view that this lesbian staged this incident possibly with friends help & is now saying she is hate crime victim for sympathy. Many gays & lesbians make false accusations to get sympathy. There are some lesbians who hate straight men esp. straight White Christian men & make false accusations inc. false rape accusatios though many lesbians are too ugly for most men to want.

    If it turns out that this lesbian made up story of being hate crime vicim,then should this lesbian be a real victim of violence by being bashed by 3 men to put truth into the lie? Gay/lesbian sexual beaviors are useless and comparable to drug junkyism-drugs are gay. Abolish sex change mutilations as he transexuals are worse than he gays. With this case, I’d like to know if the lesbian had money problems because staging this incident for insurance fraud is good possibility. It’s dishonest to denying that it’s possible this lesbian staged this incident.

  • funsnowfall

    @Ruhlmann: If this lesbian is doing hoax, then should she be bashed by 3 men so as to make her lie true? I think she should go to prison. But honestly, some lesbians hate straight men, especially straight Christian White men and falsely accuse them of hate crimes and even rape, though many lesbians are too ugly for men to want-know I’m repeating.

    My observation with gay bashings is that most gay bashings are men reacting to crimes the gays did such as assault&battery or gay committing indecent exposure. Alot of homosexuals have antisocial personalities which makes it more possible the lesbian staged this possibly with friends help and is now saying she was attacked by 3 men to get sympathy as gay groups know these cases get national news attention. Drugs are gay and homosexual/lesbian activities are comparable to drugs. Finally, abolish sex change mutilations-transexuals worse than he gays.

  • ron Orf

    Hey Funsnow, I said I think the incident was a hoax. Besides that, there has not been one other comment you posted that I agree with. Gays committing A and B? What planet are you on? What are hey going to do, throw you in a ditch and do your hair?

  • funsnowfall

    Ron Orf, I once knew case where a gay bashing happened. What happened was that this man was in park with 2 friends. While he was there a gay who was much bigger than him grabbed the man’s butt against will & made sexual comment. The man then told his 2 friends ‘that fag grabbed my ass’ after which the 2 men grabbed the gay and the man hit the gay 2 or 3 times in the face. As I see it, the gay committed assault & battery and the man reacted by bashing the gay. OK, he should’ve called the cops but the gay did commit a crime.

    Many other cases such as where in 2007, Tucker Carlson formerly of MSNBC was condemned after he talked of how he bashed a gay who was harassing him in a DC mall restroom, by hitting the gay in head & tying gay up with friend & called the cops after which gay was arrested. Bathroom is the place to use the toilet & wash up. That gay committed indecent exposure but homosexual groups like GLSEN & Black Crack lesbian Pam Spaulding condemned Tucker Carlson for defending himself. There’s alot of homosexuals with antisocial personalities who harass other men in public restrooms, commit indecent exposure, assault&battery and then complain after the men react violently to crimes the gay committed. So yes, many to most gay bashings are men reacting to crimes the gays did.

    Anyhow Ron Orf, do you see something wrong with gays harassing other men in bathrooms? With this lesbian, if it’s proven as I believe she did this noax, then I want her sent to prison for many years. Many lesbians are just too ugly for men to want and for people who are against gay and lesbian sexua behaviors, I’m not going to do something dumb as this lesbian alleges. HOmosexual and lesbia sexual behaviors are comparable to marijuana and DRUGS ARE GAY. Transexuals are worse than the gays.

  • T. Ruthisbest

    If it was a real attack, then why would the ‘attackers’ stop after just 1 victim? You would think that if there is a gang of ‘masked anti-gay attackers’ out there they will probably strike again.

    That’s the problem with creating a hoax,..it might actually inspire others to do it for real. A very dangerous tactic just to get attention for yourself or a ’cause’. If it was real or not, let us hope that this young person gets all the help she needs.

  • pb11

    Yet another hoax, massive fundraising going on, the maddowmedia picking this up will make charlie rodgers wealthy and famous for being a victim……..If she doesn’t mess up like alexandra pennell and blab or get caught on tape she stands to be rich…….how awesome……graffiti in the basement, no forced entry by ninjas, no injuries, reluctant to show the alleged slurs “carved,”…..if i’m wrong i’ll be back to apologize.
    Google Larry Brinkin for men
    Google Alexandra Pennell for women
    Adult gay people enjoy your lives……stop raping kids and stop making up bs hate crime stories

  • pb11

    i dont think she was sleeling, no sign of forced entry by the ninjas.
    from the look of her face wounds i wold say she picks her face like a meth person or someone taking high doses of adderal or some other stimulant.

  • ScaryRussianHeather

    @Mr. Enemabag Jones:

    Update. She faked it. Cool story, tho, bro.

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