No Ta-tas For Trans, Says Catholic Hospital

San Francisco city employee and trans woman Christine Hastings hoped to increase her bust, but her the Catholic hospital told her “no”.

[Hastings] had chosen a San Francisco plastic surgeon with privileges at Seton to perform the breast augmentation in October 2006. But the surgeon, Dr. Leonard Gray, told her that Seton [Medical Center] no longer allowed him to operate on transgender patients, Hastings said.

When Hastings called Seton to learn more, a surgical coordinator said the hospital would not allow its facilities to be used for transgender surgery, according to the lawsuit, “She was saying, ‘It’s not God’s will.'”

Hastings has since filed a discrimination lawsuit against the hospital. Seton Medical Center, meanwhile, continues to “boost” biological women.

The hospital’s part of a larger network of hospitals, the Daughters of Charity Health System, which prepared this statement:

Seton Medical Center provides medically necessary services to all individuals. However, the hospital does not perform surgical procedures contrary to Catholic teaching; for example, abortion, direct euthanasia, transgender surgery or any of its related components.

We’re not exactly sure why bigger breasts are “necessary,” unless such surgery’s reconstructive.

Meanwhile, it’s worth mention that Hastings is Catholic. Catholic on catholic crime? What would Catholic League honcho Bill Donohue do?

Also, can you guess the owner of the pictured breasts?