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  • Frank

    Wow. Liza Minelli’s looking better than ever.

  • Jack

    ‘We’re ready for you, Miss Crawford…’

  • noah

    Really, she is starting to look like a drag queen . . . this generation’s boy george.

  • Jon

    I’m not sure why it’s appropriate to be critical of one of our own people who is making a name for himself.

  • Dennis

    Good to see Liz Taylor is ‘out and about’ and looking younger than she has in years…

  • Rolo

    Why does anyone care that Delta Burke likes to have a good time?

  • Chris

    Looking fab Adam.

  • sam

    Nice to see the bigotry against Lambert by Queerty readers.

  • osocubano

    I liked Boy George better.

  • Cody

    It’s just too much. The eyebrows, the lips, the eyes, calm it down a bit. He just needs a little guidence…

  • scott ny'er

    @Frank: LOL. He does resemble Liza a little there.

    I do hope Adam makes it big even tho I’m not a fan of how he sings.

  • Richard

    YOU LEAVE MYADAM ALONE!!!!!! HE ROCKS!!!!!!! He’s just playing dress up. I’ll bet 10 grand he’s more talented and glamorous and fun than the losers that post here, including me.

  • RL

    You all realize that’s stage make-up, right? He’s coming back after the DC show. Way to hate for no reason.

  • M Shane

    Who is the brainless fuck head who put the picture of Obama up. This is the most tastless REPUBLICAN bullshitt I’ve seen in my life.

  • M Shane

    For the sake of this country everyone had better pray that some socialist thought becomes part of the program, however that takes a democracy which we don’t have. Only fool would say something that stupid. about the U.S. Thanks to the Republican Neocobns this has become the most Fascist state in the World.
    The only problem with Obama is that he believes in the same bullshit as Bush economically.

  • edgyguy1426

    It’s not the picture but the socialist label you oppose I’m sure.

    I think it’s cool that Lambert can be who he wants without the handlers telling him to tone it down maybe this IS toning it down for him LOL but I think it’s great in any case- be who you are, wear what you want.

  • edgyguy1426

    The Obama pic? Not a good comparison but that’s you guys bein you guys

  • GENE

    That’s stage make-up, fools. He doesn’t wear that much make-up when he does interviews.

    Yes, he can be who he is and it’s great that so many straight people(from 10-year old kids to 60-year old grandmas) love him for who he is. I actually saw Idols concert last week and Adam drew the biggest applause by far from the audience.

  • osocubano

    So, he got lots of applause.
    Proof you can’t underestimate the gullibility of the public.

  • GENE

    He got lots of applause because he was simply the most entertaining and put on a great show for the audience. What is wrong with you? If you don’t care for him, that’s fine. but there’s no need to be so negative about him for getting a positive reaction from the public. It’s really interesting that some gay people are bothered about a young openly gay person trying to be successful. It’s unusual to have anyone who is clearly aiming for mainstream success be so open about being gay at the beginning of their career, and his success can only help to show that being openly gay doesn’t matter.

  • M Shane

    No. 16 · edgyguy1426 That is someone here being a disrespectful and stupid beyond comprehension imbecile. It is just more evidence that no no one here has the slightest idea of the world at large. Most people at this site have never so much as read anything–not a hard deduction from their postings.

    Anyone who had even a second graders inteligence would be aware that Obama is the only relief we haverehad from the rapid descent into dictatorship-which we virtually have thanks to the Neocons in office for the 20 years. He may not satisfy some peoples selfish needs, but Gays had better srep out of the childish twadle that obsesses them, or they will be in cell that by thenm they will have richly deserved by their ignorance.

    And yes, Obama is a far cry from the socialism that has become part of every democracy in the world and that is hardly an insult but it is a lie, since if anyone reads the going crticiisms of him is that he is not that far from the Neocons in his economic outlook.

    Sheer stupidity.

  • media bias

    You idiots. That’s stage makeup he’s a venue. No wonder America is in crisis people see something and decide they know something. Just like voting for That One.

  • media bias

    correction: he’s AT a venue.

  • Wicked Glitter

    Adam was wearing stage makeup because he was working. Entertainers do that, they wear make-up. I thought for a moment I was reading a middle school site.

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